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Daily??? Blog #497: wat

I legitimately forgot about this blog for a good 2-4 weeks gj

Stuff has happened but nothing I really feel like bothering to type about. Right now I just realized that people are going back to school and I'll probably be extremely alone for the rest of this year. Which is a big problem. I have a super deep need to be constantly talking to a friend online (which I only have two of by now) and now they won't be here much because of school
I'm not even motivated to do anything if there isn't someone around to rant to
I'm honestly not sure how I'm going to survive this year emotionally because all but two of my remaining friends are now gone woohoo
I literally spend hours sometimes just waiting for someone to come online because I miss them so much and then a lot of times they'll just come on for a second and then disappear or not come on at all

Q. do you have any real life friends

A. none
you might think I'm exaggerating but????

I've never ever felt depression before and the thought scares me but this year could get dangerously close
If I don't make any new friends (which I don't really see happening) I'll have to either turn my emotions off or die inside
bye lol-- //I'll try not to forget about this blog for so long again wwwww

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By the way, I've mostly been on tumblr (my mom finally let me get one and it is a HORRIBLY DISGUSTING PLACE but I'm finally getting popularity so I'm staying ;D)
My URL is f/edo/ramo/ro/n so
y ea h
b     y      e    wwwwww I promise I'm not usually so depressing it's just 1am and I'm crying because there's no one around and I just found out my best friend randomly won't be back online until friday pfffft
we were involved in a super amazing RP and I can barely even wait one day to get back to it so how am I suddenly going to wait a whole week wwwwwwwww killmepls

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!