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Daily Blog #496: random rant about our rpg

I don't know anything anymore. xD

I suddenly started rewriting a book I started a long while ago. The one with Chance and Princess Elekna. I wrote a few sentences and probably won't get back to it for a few years... x'D
I have so many other things I need to do. I'm kind of on an unannounced hiatus on both my Mafu and Ask Mekakushi Dan sideblogs. x'D I need to get back to those.

My work on the RPG is still very consistent though. :D I have a ton of the work done already.
I have at least half of the necessary character portraits for each of the four main characters; I have two village BGMs, character themes for all four main characters, and some other music; I've drawn two monsters; and I'm helping Hibi with the sprites. I'm drawing floors so far, at the very least. I want to do walls and as much else as possible, really. And I have a lot of the script written out for the beginning.

Look at my monsters though.



It looks legit and it makes me happy. x'D
This RPG is really gonna work. >:DD

I'm sacrificing some of the music I originally wrote for Alpha/Omega. TvT A/O's just gonna be a novel series, and that's it, so I should be willing to give up some of the music I wrote for it. x'D The two village BGMs are from it, though. As much as I love those songs, I'll be really happy to have them as actual village BGMs in an actual RPG.

I'm ranting and I don't care. x'D

Hibi's going to make Shiro an NPC in the village where she puts the Takai City BGM. xD

I also made this ambient noise thing for a beach, and it's really calming. xD Hibi accidentally had it on loop forever.

I just started watching Assassination Classroom ahah

wHY IS IT SO GOOD//screaming
//I'm only on the second episode yeah but dsgjfkkhnnnnggg

//okay I have to go to bed now ;;;;
niiight asfkdsf

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