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Daily Blog #494: Maybe tomorrow's blog won't be about Mafumafu

“No matter how many times I say 'Namamugi,' it becomes 'Namagumi,' but I believe that this isn’t a case of me not being able to recite lines well, but a case where even if I say 'Namamugi' precisely, the sound is interfered by some sort of special substance when it is being transmitted in the air, and by the time it circulates to the human ear the words sound different.”


He still can't say it
He's still trying to say it and he can't

It's such a simple word but

In Hikikomoranai Radio they're making each other do situps constantly. Apparently Soraru even makes Mafumafu do situps outside the recording whenever he can't do the tongue twister right--

//hibi and I are skyping and we're doing it
"namamugi namagome namatamago"
we sound like mafu aadkagafkg

I can do it now but she's like
"namamugi namamome //screeech"

I started doing a wonderful Soraru imitation
now I can't stop because my voice is so perfect--//slapped
//I'm making it sound derpy now though //hibi keeps dying every time I do it

mafumafu: //screaming about an anime

me: I'll watch this anime-- //looks it up

anime: //seinen slice-of-life anime full of lolis
//not very different from Lucky Star


mafu: //screaming

me: //throws mafu out window

still gonna watch it


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