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Daily Blog #479: Bean-kun

I couldn't think of the word "arrogant." It's like my favorite word. How could I forget that.

I'm RPing with someone other than Amber for once. x'D
Only because Amber's internet has been down for three weeks though

The person I'm RPing with decided to start calling Nightowl by his real name, Niles, because she's too lazy to type "Nightowl." x'D It sounds weird when she uses his real name.

Cream cheese confuses me.
You can't really spread it
I put pieces of it on bread that I already buttered and it tastes both good and weird. xDD

We're RPing in my friend's world so I have to get my characters into there. It's kind of fun to put Shiro into modern-world AUs. xD
Shiro got into a conversation about Vocaloid and UTAU and apparently he knows nothing about it
he said he likes the few Vocaloid songs he's heard but is too busy to really get into it
//kicks shiro

Our Internet is really annoying lately. ;v; It went down for a little while last night and now it's just being weird every once in a while.

mainly Mikorin tho

mikorin pls

I finished catching up with Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso though before I started that and
Kono said it had major feels but
I don't think I got feels from the same part she did.
She probably got feels from Kaori but I got feels from Tsubaki.
I wouldn't mind if Kaori dies but
I am Tsubaki and her feels are my feels.


I needed a shota in I-DA so
I drew a kid with a bean pod growing out of his head coz yolo


now I have to go to bed

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!