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Daily Blog #478: whyareweleavingnooooo

It's 8 at night now and my dad just suddenly told me that we're driving to my grandma's house in the morning and then going to Las Vegas :'D
I'm daijoubu now but I wanted to kill something pls
//since when is it okay to give me that short notice--

I probably won't bring my laptop since it sometimes freaks out and dies when I move it around-- and it scares me even though it's always randomly fixed itself the times it's done it before O:
I'll still be able to connect to facebook with my 3DS (if we even have internet-- wherever my parents drag me to in Las Vegas might not have internet ugh) but I won't be able to listen to music-- or draw-- or anything

Amber's internet has been dead for the past two weeks, so we haven't been able to RP, but she finally got it working again-- I don't want to leave now

I have to go now :'D


(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!