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Daily Blog #472: awesome guitar thingyyyyy yas.

I don't know when my mom's making me start school again-- or making me volunteer at the library-- or anything

I don't even feel like doing anything except lying around wasting the whole day-- no one's ever online anymore for some reason
My friend who didn't talk to me for months said she would start talking to me again, and we talked for a few days, and then she just disappeared from the face of the earth again. .-.
And the other friend's gone
and Amber can barely talk anymore because of her stupid Internet (which her parents said they would fix)
and everyone's gone
and yeah.

//yandere noises

I asked some people why I'm so clingy and obsessive with friends and they both said homeschooling had a similar effect on them-- I thought it was homeschooling. 0:

I'm making a full instrumental cover of Lost Time Memory. I thought it was all going to be useless since I realized the song changes tempoes in the middle, and the midi file wasn't cooperating, but I figured it out and now it's amazing *^*

ahahhahahahaahha I've listened to this thing four times in the last two days even though it's almost 40 minutes long

Vocaloid medley3 "Kagerou Project" on Guitar by Osamuraisan [Working BGM] -

I even showed it to my mom and she loved it too. xDDD

omd hibiwat and I are writing the best KagePro crack fanfic ever--
this is amazing
I'mdyinghahahahahhahh-- //gfuaskgfalgfkagfakslg

I gotta go to beeeddddddd now :'D

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!