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Daily Blog #468: Christmas party ovo


None of my actual friends were there. I thought they were coming, but I guess not. :'D Anyway, there were six girls from the class besides me. There was lots of sugary food and awesome stuff. opo And we played Musical Chairs and Four Corners and it was fabulous.
I won the first Musical Chairs, and then the next time we played I got bootyd out of a seat and was left on the ground to die. xDD
And when we played Four Corners, which I guess most people think is a game of chance, the last two people left were me and this other girl. I won, and then the next game, it was between just us two again and she won. And then the next game she won again. xDD
I think maybe it could have been because we were the only two people who realized the game isn't just chance.

And we had this present exchanging thing, and I ended up with a black crocheted (knitted? who knows) beanie, and a pair of fuzzy socks which I gave to my mom because I never wear fuzzy socks and she always does. xD The hat happened to be pretty much the only color I'd ever wear for a hat so I might wear it sometime even though I don't wear beanies.

I'm rambling. Hi. xD And I'm overusing the xD emoticon again. xDDDD

I was really lonely at first because everyone else in that class is kind of their own huge group, but the teachers, Ms. Janys and Ms. Jess, make me feel loved. :'D
I don't know why they think I'm so special. It must so hard to like me in real life for anything besides the fact that I don't cause any trouble and stuff like that. xD I just stand five feet away from everyone else with either a neutral/depressed facial expression or a creepy uncontrollable smile, and I can easily go a whole class without saying more than five words. xDD Very quiet words.

We played a game where Janys would sing a little bit of a Christmas song and then someone would have to try to guess the next word. I'm surprised I even got one point, because I pay absolutely no attention to song lyrics (where everyone else in our class has, like, every word of every song memorized.) xDD The only one I got was Twelve Days of Christmas and I had to say two turtle doves.

We made little Christmas ornaments (I usually hate crafts, but this was okay because of the results)
One of the ones I made said "For the joy of the King" on it, which seems perfectly Christmasy, but is also the name of one of my books. xD
And my other ornament is filled with Fritos and says "You are the salt of the earth."
Yes, literally, Fritos.
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

me: I have long sleeves, two hoodies and a blanket and I'm still frozen--

kono: the cold never bothered me anyway

me: //shoots

kono: let it go

me: //shoots

kono: do you want to load a pistol

me: //shoots

I just made a collection of shota/chibi pictures because I'm addicted to shotas right now--
I don't even know why--
//ultimate shotacon noises

I have to go nowwwwww~

(D.J. Evans)

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