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Daily Blog #467: lotsa gore pls

me: do you know what I want more than anything else right now

hibiwat: kano

she knows me--
//and then she guessed Kuroha, and then plushie Shiro--
//she was actually very close
I want to cuddle up by a fireplace and cuddle a lil shota Nightowl
so cold-- //shivers

so today there was a Christmas party at church-- I might tell about it tomorrow but it's late now and I have to go to bed :'D

Kuro-chan just had me proofread/edit the short story she wrote--
omd it is so gorey I kennot even
...---- and then I made the gore even more visual and traumatic-- because it was fun.

I just spent like three to five hours on this though. It was funnn. :'D
Oh and~ Kuro says she'll draw me a pictureeee 8DDDD
I told her to draw me a kawaii little shota Nightowl. Q7Q

okay I gotta go to bed lol--
bye bye imma die hahhahAHAHAH
//vanishes lel

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!