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Daily Blog #465: gaflgaglfaslfsgal

Apparently I'm not allowed to go to Wednesday night church anymore. .-. I haven't felt much like going for the past few weeks, and then I said I wanted to go today and then my mom suddenly said I'm not allowed to go anymore because I'm too old for it; because everyone who was my age left for the other classroom. I can't go there, so.
.-. Guess I'm alone in real life now. lol


Amber wasn't online for some reason last night, and then she got on really early this morning and therefore her internet died before I got a chance to talk to her .-.

I guess I'll waste my day learning the rest of Turkish March.

Pretty much the only people who are around anymore are Amber and the remaining members of the Mekakuneko Cola Pan Dan. TvT I practically lost all of my best friends within one month of each other.

I'm glad I have the Pan Dan though. :'D The group's not even close to half as active as it used to be, but Kono, Seto, and Hibi are still there a lot.
Except Kono goes missing randomly. And Hibi's Internet is weird so she's not there much recently either. And Seto is staying away from the chatroom because she got obsessed with this homosexual character from the Percy Jackson series and knows that's all she would talk about and that I would get annoyed. (Annoyed isn't really the right word, but I can't think of what is.)
.-. idk.
Seto thinks I'm scary and it's starting to really bug me that she's acting like that.

Also I just found out that one of my best friends' sister has cancer and is having surgery today to remove it, and apparently that's why my friend has been acting depressed lately and not talking to me.
I thought she would tell me things like this but I guess not. At least I know why now though and now I can pray for it to work out.
I always feel horrible though when I expect someone to feel close enough to me to tell me what's wrong, but then apparently they're not.

I should write more. :'D

ugh I can't learn this
I had the first part perfect, but then I realized I missed one tiny little part of the right-hand harmony while I was learning it, and now I have absolutely no idea how to do the fingering and it's all messed up and ugh.

Today's not being a good day. TvT

I'm going to make myself draw something.

I sketched all the main characters of In/ter-Di/mensi/onal A/cadem/y from tallest to shortest. xDD

the Pan Dan aren't helping today--
Seto stopped talking about gay characters for once, but then Azami came and yeah--

okay gotta go now
I got a lot of planning for In/ter-Dime/nsio/nal A/cadem/y done so today wasn't completely unproductive. :'D
I actually came up with some character backstories that weren't completely Mary Sue-ish. .-.


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