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Daily Blog #464: more debates ovo

D.J. Evans: Starting Religious Debates since 2013
Imean-- hi.

ovo Someone I know posted something about how he thinks no one should care about religion (he says he's Christian-- I can understand why an atheist would think beliefs aren't important, but a Christian? what the heck?) and he said at the end that he's open for intelligent conversation.
So I commented and stated the truth like I always do-- and someone else challenged my opinions (intelligently)
There was no name-calling or rudeness or anything, and I didn't think there were any emotions seeping into the debate
But eventually the guy who made the post said it'd turned into what he hadn't wanted it to turn into, and then he deleted the post--
so like wat. idek.
If that wasn't intelligent conversation then I have no idea what he wanted.

I wish people could understand the difference between debates and fights. :'D
Even more, I wish the people I talk to actually had the willpower to go and figure out the truth for themselves, read what I send them, and most of all, actually be able to handle a debate. But everyone gets tired of debating with me after just a little while.
So I just realized something about myself. I have a much stronger spirit than most people do. ;7; I'm willing to do things other people are too lazy or easily offended to do, and then I expect them to do the same and then they don't and it bugs me too much and yeah--


I'm a huge realist, and I rely on real evidence unlike a lot of other Christian debaters who say they "just have faith," but people don't think so and they just think I'm a big scary Jesus-freak who wants to force my beliefs on everyone. .-.
I debate religion with people because I care about what's going to happen to them when they die. But they think I just want to be right. I don't care about being right at all, I just want them to know the truth >-< They act like they want to know the truth but then I'm apparently wrong for trying to tell them.


I have a cat on my lap--
what do I do with my life now
I can't get up and get anything

I have to go now. :'D Bueeeeeeeeee~

(D.J. Evans)

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