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Daily Blog #462: back to da musicz

I just started an RP with someone.
In the beginning of the RP there was this drunk dude hitting on Sonia... xD And she was just like "yeah okay I have the ability to kill you just so you know"
...She ended up sending him to the infirmary. x'DD

Butter fixes everything.
These cinnamon rolls are so burnt they're completely black on the top, but butter makes it good. u7u

I'm finally getting back to doing the music for our KagePro game-- I just started on the sound effects.
I used a tiny part of Outer Science (the part in the middle where the PV says "Game Over-- try again?") as the game over tone and it's so perfect I love it.
And even more importantly, Hibi loves it. uvu

anywayses I have to go noww

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!