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Daily Blog #460: RP emd

Aurinko obviously knows my weakness. x'D She was begging me to draw this thing for her, and I just said I'd try, because I didn't really feel like it and wasn't sure I'd even remember. And then she asked if I would promise to draw it if she RPed with me.

And now I'll gladly draw as many pics as she wants. x'DDD

oh my gosh
she's actually a really good writer
how ;O;
I've never seen her write before because she does manga, not actual writing. but
I ken't
The bit she wrote in just ten minutes is better than what I write and edit and edit over... forever. ;v;

The fact that I can't really write right now isn't helping me any. x'DD

I have a random urge to listen to a music box version of Senbonzakura. But I can't find any good ones--

hahahah yes good

【Music Box/オルゴール】 千本桜 /Senbonzakura - YouTube

our RP
im dying
Im ded


okay gotta go now uvu

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!