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Daily Blog #459: Animal Crossing is the creepiest game I've ever played.

so like
I just remembered a thing
and it still creeps me out when I look at pictures wow

In the original Animal Crossing for Gamecube, if you take the train into another town and then reset the game without saving, you lose almost all data about your character. Your house and everything is fine, but all the items and bells in your pocket disappear.
But the thing is-- your character's eyes, mouth, and nose are literally gone, and the eyes and mouth are replaced with empty black holes.
If you want to see it, google "gyroid face reset."
It might not be so creepy to anyone else, but this happened to me, by surprise, when I was about eight. I was messing with Mr. Resseti and resetting the game without saving just to see everything he said, and for some reason I decided to go out of town and reset it. And then that happened and I never wanted to play Animal Crossing again.

Until just now I thought it was a glitch, and it just happened because the game couldn't remember your face and they didn't put in a default face or anything. But apparently Nintendo actually did that on purpose. The "Gyroid Face" is actually supposed to be an easter egg.
They might have thought it was cool, but when it happens to your character so suddenly, and you're a tiny little kid playing this adorable game, and you really don't relate it to a Gyroid at all, it's not cool.

They took it out of City Folk(?) and New Leaf because it was seriously scaring kids. ;v;


//RPing the A/O story with Amber
//at the climax of the first book's story arc
//everyone is getting maimed by the main bad guy because this is the final battle and they have absolutely no hope left

Anselm: //Stretches boredly// We're doomed.
Amber: We're not doomed...
Anselm: //Pats her head// Pretty cool that you think that.

just like
"we're all gonna die lol
oh well"

I love Anselm.
He just popped into the RP randomly as an antagonist and then became an amazing character and somehow joined the main group... x'D

Oh my gosh... most precious thing ever. x'DDD
On Pinterest, I pin a lot of really special-looking scenery because it helps me with world building. Anyway, I saw this picture of a cave, and my first thought was that it looked like a Minecraft cave. And then I saw the creeper.


Look at the person who pinned it. She didn't even see the creeper, or she doesn't even know what the heck it is. She just pinned it like a normal piece of scenery. x'DDD
This is hilarious.

wot am I doing--
I have about fifteen minutes before I'm supposed to go to bed
The only thing I even sort of almost feel like doing is watching anime but I don't have time for that.
I guess I'll try to write--

I was glancing through summaries of completely random animes for no reason at all
And one of them didn't seem particularly unique compared to the others, but somehow it still randomly called to my soul and told me I had to watch it.
I mentioned the name later and Kono said it's her favorite anime--
guess I know what I'm watching next
//after I start and finish this other one--

my laptop is being so slow I kennot-- it takes so long for my typing to show up on the screen
idek why.

almost, anyway-- we finished the climax and we're in the resolution now--

gotta go now xD

(D.J. Evans)

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