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Daily Blog #456: Twilight Princess with Hibiwat

It's after 12 at night and I've literally written nothing in this post until now so idk why I'm even bothering to post it--
I decided to take a break from life and start replaying Twilight Princess because Hibiwat kept talking about it and making me want to play it. uvu
so I played the entire time she was on and got off when she had to leave--
because it's fun to narrate everything I do

Summary of my discoveries:
Link is a weirdo.

Also, I named him Konoha and named the horse Trucksan. And Hibiwat and I were figuring out who everyone else is.
Midna is Ene for obvious reasons. Colin is Hibiya because he saves someone from getting run over and then gets run over himself. Ilia is Shintaro for who knows why--
because KonoShin I guess--

gotta go now

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!