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Daily Blog #446: Mormons. xD

//forces self to plan stuff so I can actually write about it

I got a bit done, but I still didn't catch up. wwwwwgalfasgdfgfal
I might be able to write a lot more tomorrow. I hope so. I hope I can keep my mind focused on this story long enough to get a lot figured out. ;v;
My mind is always on Alpha/Omega and it's really hard to plan any other stories anymore. T-T
That's my only disadvantage compared to most other people in NaNoWriMo. ahah~ //slapped

I was going to try to get a lot done tonight, and maybe get to watch some anime too, but then I got involved in some religious debates. asdfghjkl;
I'm the only person I know who would get distracted by that. xD

Mormons are hard to debate with. Wow. xD I'm fine against atheists/evolutionists, but other denominations of Christianity are really hard.

I have to go now. fasgdflagfl

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!