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Daily Blog #438: NaNo is almost here *^*

I have a burrito. c:
But I'm not hungry anymore. :U

Gochisousamadeshita :U

My eye hurts a bit. ;v; It has been since yesterday. asdfghjkl;

I said one word during the entire class at church tonight
Because if I'm going to say anything it'd better be fabulous.

It's been over twenty-four hours and my eye hurts worse again now.

//random noises
//lonely noises
//psycho noises
//hurting left eye noises
//puts on an eyepatch
//Fai noises

Apparently I'll be stuck at Grandma's house for Halloween. .-.

My mom hasn't even found me the skirt yet that I'll need for my cosplay. I probably won't be able to finish it on time.

//pointless noises
//unproductive noises
//lazy noises
//hikkikomori noises
//useless noises

//tries to go do something

//feels alone

Aurinko said she would RP with me again soon-- I don't know how soon though--
I wonder if RPing with her would get me motivated to write again. ;7;
Because the times she would RP with me seemed to be the times when I would write a lot.

//opens up NaNoWriMo textbook
Right, they were having me write some different beginnings to my novel.

Last night I was talking to Seto, who's also doing NaNo, and I just sent her this beginning--

Camelia carefully hung another small, stained painting on a lantern hook. "This one," she absently told the gray lamp on the table next to her, "is fantastic." She'd been able to mix the right colors from the right plants, and the homemade dye hadn't splattered all over the page. Her ivory hands were stained from fingertips to wrists, but the extra color felt luxurious.

And she started spazzing over my big vocabulary.
I can't--
it's only the first draft //cries

anyway-- //continues writing

I finally named my book and wrote out a summary. ugh
It's called Freedom from Shadow.
And here's the first draft of the summary.

A boisterous girl in a sunless world has an obvious need for freedom. Camelia wants nothing more than to get out of the darkness and into a world with a brighter sky. When her colorful dreams do come true, she's faced with a new world to learn and involves herself with the new people, the new customs, and the new tasks this life offers her.

But she has to learn that not everything in this radiant culture is just rainbows and sunlight. Under the surface, it soon becomes apparent to her that there's a great danger in the shadows. The blackness which had once only been an annoyance to her is now a grave, life-threatening danger.

You can find my NaNoWriMo account here.

I like this one sentence I wrote in my bio. It should be my catchphrase.
"I like to hurt your favorite characters and I like to hurt your heart."

Gotta go now. *^*

(D.J. Evans)
Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!