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Daily Blog #436: I don't know what to name my blogs anymore. xD


My friend's joining the Homestuck fandom.
She's going to become one of them DDD::::
I'm scared.

On the other hand, I realized the reason my other friend could never find the anime for Kagerou Project was because she didn't know the anime is called Mekakucity Actors. @0@ I forgot to ever mention that. sagfgasflgaskfl So I found her a site she can watch it on and she'll fully join the fandom now. c:
Usually I would object to her watching the anime first, but she's at least watched a few of the PVs and I made sure she knows the anime is a failure to the fandom.
She's been fangirling over Kuroha for months and I had to tell her he only gets about seven minutes of screentime.
It's sad. ;7;

My mom and I wanted to watch MCA but my dad took the TV. ;7; //crie

(//casually goes directly from criticizing MCA to wanting to watch it //slapped)

//10:00 at night //tries to remember what I did today //nothing comes to mind//
just another day of being an unproductive shintaro lol

I have to go now. ovo

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!