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Daily Blog #430: Shikigami

So Abby and I went into the highschool room tonight at church with Karissa. Karissa left our room a few weeks ago to go to the highschool room instead.
It was okay, but I wouldn't leave our room since that's where my friends are. .-. But I'm not allowed to go to the highschool room anyway because there's guys there.

Im eating gross ice cream. TvT For some reason my parents bought coffee-flavor ice cream with this really strong coffee taste, and that's the only kind they got.
I hate coffee so much. I don't know who decided to put it in ice cream. TvT

Tomorrow's going to be epic. For reasons.

Now I have to decide between writing and watching Noragami. //cries
I'll try to write because I was unproductive all today. I spent all day playing Skyward Sword.
I'm trying to find all of the Goddess Cubes. @^@ I thought I'd completed all of the other sidequests, but apparently that was just on my other save. //Throws Wii against the wall// So I'm doing those too.

To be honest, that game was really disappointing. The world is so tiny. D:
There's practically no exploration. There's nothing in the entire sky except your own hometown, a cafe and random floating rocks with very boring treasure chests.

...But I still have to complete it.  //eyes light on fire

//eyes burn //rest of me catches on fire and I die

I have to practice my wizard skills for tomorrow.

//walks away from computer and throws rainbows everywhere

I'm making shikigami. Abby and I are going to ancient Japan tomorrow to become onmyouji and save the world.

I just spammed my Pinterest with scenery from Japan.
No regrets. I knew Japan was pretty but just. QwQ

World Building on Pinterest
(If you're reading this blog kind of late, you might have to scroll down quite a bit to see my Japan spam.)

I have to go now. oQo

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!