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I'm DeAnna, a.k.a. D.J. Evans. I write stories, draw manga, and other stuff XD


It's past 10 at night. xD
We were at David and Erica's house for a while. ovo Sarah made this pork that was actually really fabulous.
I usually don't like meat much but it was fabulous.

I accidentally borrowed five books from my brother.
I'll try to read them. xD It's not that I don't want to; I'd love to be able to read them all. But it seems impossible to read anything that I actually want to because of the way mom's having me do schoolwork this year. I have to spend any reading time I get on the book she assigns me to read. .-.
Not really the best system.

But these are fantasy and adventure and psychological and Terry Pratchet. ;v;
Those are all the best things in life.
And Sharon Shinn. She's cool too.
I think. I read one book by her and it was the best ever.

And there's also some other author who used to be really awesome at first and then apparently one of his dogs died and every book after that was about dogs.

I'm randomly talking to myself as I go through Pinterest.

Oh, yeah. About Pinterest. Buddha is stalking me. .-.
Like... For at least one day, every tenth or so pin had a picture of a Buddha statue and/or a quotation by Buddha.

I can't

//finds myself trying to hum Zelda's Lullaby //fails because of tiny range
There's a reason I stopped trying to sing that--
Impa must have an amazing voice range if she really sings that song to Zelda
all of the vocal covers I've heard lowered the key of the second part an entire octave okay.
how does anyone sing that song

I'm cold but I think if I get my blanket I'll be too hot.
//gets blanket anyway

There's a bunch of different things I feel like rambling about but I feel like I don't know how to word.
It's like I don't know how to ramble anymore like I always used to. ;v;

Okay maybe it's not that bad but
seriously why is the author name so much more prominent sometimes than the book title

There's a random bug flying around but I don't know what to do.
I can't kill bugs anymore. I just
I feel like Finn when he had to squish the ant in that trial but he refused to do it because the ant wasn't evil.

Sarah and I were discussing anime and roleplaying and stuff. She was talking about how she used to have an Ask Doctor Stein account on DeviantArt. She eventually just got really tired of it and quit because the people wouldn't stop asking Stein to dissect them.
It's like... I swear those are the same people who make Mary Sues. They're just fangirls and stuff and really don't understand deep character development or anything. If a character has one prominent trait, that's all they will focus on.
(Notice I'm not even focusing on the abnormality of people asking to be dissected... xDD)

I've been RPing Death the Kid again lately and I've realized this as well.
If you walk into a chatroom as Death the Kid, I promise people WILL randomly shout the number 7, mess up your hair and surround you with "asymmetrical" objects.
Either that or they'll be careful to state that every action they take is perfectly symmetrical. You will not leave that chat without at least one "perfectly symmetrical hug."

I don't actually blame these people, because I've been there. xDD When I used to fangirl over Death the Kid I always did that exact same stuff whenever I was around a Kid roleplayer.
It's been about a year since then and I'm pretty much the master roleplayer now (anyone you ask will agree with me-- //kicked) but I have to say being around a Kid roleplayer is just really, really tempting. xDD

I should add roleplaying as one of my special talents.
Writing, drawing, composing, and roleplaying.

//screams because I almost forgot an Oxford comma //kicked for grammatical OCD

I actually don't think I can roleplay as the canon, legit Ene anymore. x'DD I've been her for so long that I just kind of took her body and shoved my personality into it.

Like Sarah said... "I'm not sure where I end and Stein begins."

Oh look, I didn't forget how to ramble.
Cool. o7o

I'm probably rambling now because no one's in the chatrooms.
I think I probably stopped rambling when I joined my KagePro group... D:
Because then I finally almost always had someone to talk to and vent my random junk to. xDD

So my parents and I were talking about creepy writing and stuff.
And my mom told me that Alpha/Omega is really creepy and dark

And it turned out she was only basing that opinion on Shyamala's character design. .-.
Not even her personality, okay. Her character design.
Well, alright, and Psi Thirteen's, I guess. Since my mom doesn't know his personality either.
And Bonewaltz because she didn't realize he wasn't from Alpha/Omega.

But seriously. She knows nothing about the storyline and she just says it's super creepy. 0:

Actually it has been turning darker lately, especially in the third book, but still. It's not like she knows anything about that--



Stuff happens in the third book and it really does get a little bit dark. But still not really that much. Just enough for it to actually be serious. .-.
I need to get the first book a little bit darker too or else it's just gonna be a kid's book. Which I don't mind really; it's just not the audience I'm targeting.

So I'm almost Shiro's age.
I started Alpha/Omega when I was Mithril's age. And for a while I've been Katsu's age.

I wish I could just rant endlessly about Alpha/Omega here. But there are people reading who probably don't want spoilers.
But my mind is going to explode... x'D
My mind's just been on the third book lately. That does me no good at all. xD

I should make a private blog or something where I just pretend people read it. //kicked

actually I think I might have tried that before

I found an excuse to share one on my page posts to our main KagePro page which has thousands of likes. And someone followed the post to my page and liked it. uvu //cries emotionally and sparkles//

So I now have 120 likes on my D.J. Evans page. *7*
About fifty of those are friends, and some of them are alternate accounts, but still.

...It sure doesn't seem like even that many people though. :'D
Butttttt I have to say I have been getting more attention lately. o: The majority of my posts actually are getting at least one or two likes.

It's almost two hours now since I started this blog entry and I don't remember getting anything else done since then. .-.
I want to write.
Let's write.
//makes tea because that's obviously part of writing

I wish my parents wouldn't say something negative every time I walk into the room.
Seriously. Most of the times I go out of my room to do something real quick, they either give me a job to do or criticize me for something. .-.
I mean, they come into my room to tell me too, but.
I wish I could just see them every once in a while without it being so negative.

//tries to stay in the writing mood
I wanted to write a few minutes ago but then my parents did the talky-wordy sentence-making thing
and now just

//forces self to open Microsoft Word

I don't eat anymore.
Like... What the heck. x'D I just randomly stopped ever being hungry for some reason.
I forget if I already mentioned this but whatever. .-.
I remember to eat, like, in the afternoon sometime, and then I'm usually not hungry for dinner. I still have to eat it, but yeah.
And then that's kind of all I eat. x'D

I'm actually hungry now though.
//eats beggel

Oh, so uh. Erica's gonna have a kid and stuff.
They said they're gonna name him Simon Carter Goldman Evans.
I'm just gonna call him Carter instead of Simon because Carter is a fabulous name.
Simon can be everyone else's kid. Carter is mine.
//kicked// xD

I kind of really don't usually like babies, but Jane turned out to be okay even at just a few months old, so I have high expectations for Carter because he's a boy and those are better. .-.
(Because the parents aren't covering the baby in pink and flowers and ew--)
//kicked more

Jane's pretty fab because you stick your tongue out at her and she sticks hers back. She's also really quiet and barely cries, and you can find out what's wrong with her and fix it and she'll immediately stop crying.
And when she does cry, she doesn't even scream like most babies do; it's just kind of quiet yelling.

And I was holding her once and making faces and weird noises at her, and she just had this massive overreaction that no one else had ever gotten from her.
That's when I decided she was pretty fab.

This baby is D.J. approved.

That's a really hard approval to get. xD

I don't like the word "aunt."
It just. It sounds weird.
And then when Jane was announced, I mentioned something about not wanting to be called "aunt"
and it just sparked this massive misunderstanding and I think it hurt people and it was really hard to deal with. I just can't even say

I hope I can be called something other than "aunt" though, still... x'D

Maybe Tante D.J.
Tante sounds better than aunt.
It might be a little bit harder to say at first but who cares.

My tea is finally drinkable so I'll try to start writing now.
At 12:30 AM.
Hopefully my parents won't suddenly decide it's time for bed in two minutes.

Okay, I guess I'm just editing.
I edited a random chapter that I'd written in the third book. It still needs work in some places but it's prettier now.

So it's fun to describe stuff when there's lots of moonlight around.

The full moon hung high and large over the silent city, washing it in a pale, cold light. Shiro pulled his hood up over his head, pushing through a gate and closing it behind him as he walked on toward the woods, all the time observing the tiny gleam on each blade of grass and the soft light reflecting off of his white coat.
He’d hoped being in that forest would calm him, seeing the patches shimmering through the overhead foliage in spite of the surrounding darkness.

I feel like I'm getting better at writing. TvT I hope so.

I have to go now. ;v;
I edited a more recent part but it didn't seem that bad. uvu



(D.J. Evans)

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