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Daily Blog #425: :D

Aurinko and I decided to build another world.
We won't be lonely because we'll have all of our OC's, our favorite fictional characters and our pets.
There will be cotton candy clouds and trees that grow kettle corn, candy corn and torts.
We'll have trench coats and fedoras, and we'll have eyepatches that you can see through but still look like eyepatches from the outside.
We'll ride on dragons and other flying beasts, and we'll cuddle soft dinosaurs, baby owls and baby seals. We'll have little fuzzy bats hanging on the edge of our bunk beds and we'll live inside a giant house inside a TARDIS inside a moving castle.
She'll be a sky pirate and I'll join the Otraken, and we'll have epic wars against each other where no one actually gets hurt. We'll go on awesome adventures together with our very favorite OC's and then we'll make banana cake.


I'm excited.

I have ice cream. uwu And now I'm going to try to get myself to write.

So uh
I was in the DRRR chat, in the Soul Eater chatroom that groups up in the evenings--
And someone else came with the exact same name and icon as me
even though that site doesn't allow that ;v;
It was really funny at first, but then the same person (I think) got on with two other accounts and cloned some of the other members. And then the host got annoyed and since he couldn't tell my clone and me apart, he banned us both. ;v;
I didn't even get to say goodbye--
Everyone will all be there again tomorrow evening and stuff, and I'm not really that attached to those people anyway, but still.

I think the other two people who were cloned got banned too along with their clones.

I have to go now. :'D Byee~

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!