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Daily Blog #421: Music


I wish I could float.

Amber's not coming onliiiiinnneee.

I'm going through all of my really old music from back in the FN Hatena A/O days.
Every once in a while I'm like "Hey, I should finish this because this could be a really cool song"
But most of the time I'm just like "What is this carp."

Because sometimes there's Flasir Village from Part 1.
Or Land of Densetsu from Part 4.
Or Desert Stone from Part 5.

And then there's the noise from Part 2.
And Part 3.
And when I tried to make Desert Stone into a battle theme in Part 6.


And then there's stuff I was planning to make for later episodes.
Like Shiro's theme
which isn't waayy too bad but it's incredibly repetitive
And Mithril's theme which is also repetitive
And everything else which is also repetitive

I was addicted to key changes. If the song wasn't good enough, copy-paste and repeat the song a step higher.
It used to sound awesome to me but now I'm just like wat no
just go away already

Ooh, music from Shadowed Regions. I was planning to do that story either after or alongside Alpha/Omega way back then.
Heh, and here I am returning to Shadowed Regions for NaNoWriMo.
This music isn't too bad but
key changes

I only have two songs for Shadowed Regions though, the themes of the two main characters.
I have tons of different versions of both songs though. TvT;

I renamed those characters recently. It's like
the first time I've ever renamed somebody. o:
Well, besides Litu to Lute.

I renamed Yumiko to Camelia, Katashi to Emil, and Vahxti to
Exmidus etenim Mag'-Nox.
Becoz fabulous names.
But we still call him Vahxti.

Camelia's theme was the first song I ever wrote that I considered good or epic. ovo
I typed its name in as "Unnamed" because I was too lazy at the time to figure out a name
And it kind of stuck.

Haaahaaaa end theme for Orderly Chaos.
It has lyrics
//throws song out window

xD If these are this bad... I should go look at music from the Trail of Darkness days.
Those are all on the other computer though. :U


I have to go soon. ovo We're going to David and Erica's house~


(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!