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Daily Blog #420: Nightcore ovo

We missed church again. TvT gsajflgajlfgaslgfasl

I found a Nightcore version of Come Little Children. I didn't expect it to be very good, but it turned out to be pretty much the only Nightcored song I've ever come across where I actually like the sound of the voice.

Come Little Children-Nightcore - YouTube

I'm trying to make a cover of This Is Halloween but I realized that the cover I really like majorly messes with the order of the lyrics.

This Is Halloween (Female Cover) by Real Chanty [The Nightmare Before Christmas] - YouTube

My own cover is actually going to be at a fast beat, like this.

Nightcore - This is Halloween (Female Ver.) - YouTube

I actually like that version a lot. xD
Still not the voice so much.

I finished my drawing. *v*


This is like... the first time my drawing actually turned out exactly the way I wanted it to. xDD
Let's hope the cover turns out as well as the drawing did. o:

My free trial of SoundFont disappeared. Now I have to buy it
but it's like ten dollars more than I thought it was
and I need to have this by Halloween
but I'm in debt $100 and only have $20 that I can spend on just whatever
and I need almost thirty dollars
It looks like they have sales every once in a while. Hopefully they have one for this Halloween.

;7; oh wow
friend was online two minutes ago, commented on one of my posts and left--

//flops around randomly
I'm lonelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I think I'm going to make some fab tea and finally write that part I was going to write last night.
I don't feel as inspired now though. DD:::

I just realized that the picture in the Nightcore Come Little Children says "Angel of Death."
...When you think about it that way
...the song becomes a whole lot sadder ;7; emd
//cries silently

It makes me happy when I'm actually able to describe something in a unique way and my description doesn't sound absolutely horrible
//just described moonlight as cold and cleansing

I have to go now. ovo

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!