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Daily Blog #419: Loneliness, and then Kano, and then Halloween

I suddenly feel really depressed now. ;7;
Aurinko hasn't talked to me in about a month. I was eating dinner just now, and in those fifteen minutes, she got online, asked me if I was online, and then left.

I'm back home now. So hopefully I'll be able to go to church tomorrow. .-.

At the hotel I did a bunch of random sketches that I don't feel like finishing anymore.
I finished one and it's from the third book and no one will understand


With Aurinko and Nightwish Neko both gone pretty much forever, I barely have anyone to share Alpha/Omega feels with anymore except for Amber. And we don't even talk very much, just RP.

.-. If anyone else were really interested in A/O, I wish they'd show it.

I don't even know what to do right now. I don't feel like doing anything.

;7; Mom was in a really bad mood while we were eating dinner and afterwards when I saw Aurinko had come and gone, I was trying to explain to mom why I was crying and she yelled at me. TvT
Thanks, mom.

Now I'm spamming myself with Yobanashi Deceive and pictures of Kano. xD
I'm suddenly all happy now. Wat. For a few minutes, at least. xD

I wanted to make this my desktop wallpaper but it's too small. ;7;


And this one's also too small. ;v;


I finally found something but Hatena Blog won't load it for some reason. x'D


I keep trying to find good fantasy-style music, and a lot of them are really good but they all start off waaaayyyyy too slow. ;^;
I realized a while ago that my attention span is almost exactly three minutes long. :U
That's about the length of most songs, but for some reason all of these Celtic/fantasy-style songs are about four minutes or more. o3o
A lot of them are kind of really repetitive too. D:

0v0 I want to write
but I don't want to write
but I want to
but I don't

I'm thinking that the reason I never write is because I never know where to start. DD:::
If I was just given a certain part of the story to do, I probably would. ;v;
but there's just
soooo muuuccchhhh
I have three books' worth of story in my head
and I can't get it out--

Oh, yeah. So Pinterest just randomly decided to start working on my computer again. o: I don't know whether I said that already or not.

I was looking for a lengthened version of Come Little Children but got distracted. xD
I watched a Black Butler AMV of it.
It wasn't very well-done though. .-.
And then I clicked on Black Butler AMV of This is Halloween.
It wasn't that well-done either
somehow they managed to pick most of the creepiest scenes in Black Butler-- most of which I didn't recognize--
;v; I guess now I know how dark Black Butler gets in the later episodes.
//hides in a closet

Sarah showed me this AMV a while ago. If you're going to do a This is Halloween AMV, this is the way to do it. Soul Eater Amv This Is Halloween - YouTube
That is pretty much the second-best AMV in existence.
Then again, Soul Eater's pretty much perfect for that song.

Oh. And here's the best--

Bestamvsofalltime "Safety Dance" Anime MV || by Shin - YouTube

Seriously though.
All that lip syncing takes extreme skill. How does anyone even find the perfect, perfect scenes... xDD

Now I don't know if I feel like watching Black Butler or Nichijou.

I was going to write a really creepy part of A/O
but then Safety Dance
//falls off cliff

//listens to more Come Little Children
I should write now. :U

I have pumpkin spice candy corn. ovo

Okay, I got distracted. xD I'm drawing now.

I sketched and inked in a very epic picture to post for Halloween. Tomorrow I'll scan it in and color/shade it. ovo
But now I have to go to beeeddd.

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!