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Daily Blog #418: Austins everywhere.

guaaaahhhhhh ;v;
There was a Gravity Falls chatroom in DRRR Chat
And only Dipper was there
so it looked like it was where my soul belonged
because I am the only Mabel
And no one else is Mabel
And Mabel is me

But it turned out Dipper only spoke Bulgarian--

The Internet's messing up ;v;

So some of Austin Burk's friends changed their name to Austin Burk and used his profile picture


Take note; for this is the last meme of September 2014.
See Austin.
Love Austin.
Become Austin.

All who see the Austin must become the Austin. You must change your name to Austin and your face will be Austin.

Convert the world and all humanity to Austin.

Austin just said he's had to deal with some people asking him why he's posting random things so he doesn't want more Austin clones. xD

The Austins will have to wait for another age.
The world is not yet ready.

Let it be known to the earth that for this generation there may be only one Austin.

Gotta go now. ovo byee~

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!