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Daily Blog #412: I need a fabulous game.

I think I want to draw something.
But I don't know.

My friend who hasn't talked to me in forever was online, but when I said hi to her she was gone because Facebook is a jerk and tells me people are online when they're not anymore.

//flips around randomly

The Hetalia admins are starting to get really annoying.
We got a new admin, and I already didnt like her very much. But then the first--
was incredibly inappropriate. I don't know who would think it's a good idea for your very first post to be like that.
None of the other admins seem to have a problem with her though, of course.


I want to play a video game. Something fabulous.
But I can't find any games that are exactly my style.
I saw Xenoblade Chronicles and it looked awesome at first, but then I watched the trailer and it turned out to be, like, sci-fi or something and not medieval-style fantasy like I thought it would be at first. ovo
And apparently it's pretty tactical. I don't do tactical.
Stats. Weapon upgrades. Ew.
xD I do Legend of Zelda-style battles, where it depends on skill instead of your stats.
I don't brain
I just jump into the battle and kill things.

Fighting in LoZ is too easy for me. .-. They need to make a game with really hard, interesting battles for pros.
Hopefully Hyrule Warriors will be something like that.

I'm asking some friends what game I should play. I need something medieval fantasy, real-time battles with epic swordfighting, well-developed characters, and not too much tactical stuff I have to actually use my brain for.
I guess a sort of mix between Legend of Zelda's gameplay and Final Fantasy's style.

Most of the suggestions I got are games I've played at least a little bit before. xD

I think the one I'm going for though is the Last Story, which I watched my sister-in-law play a bit of.

I have to go now because we're driving back home. OvO

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!