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Daily Blog #409: Random RP

Yesterday I joined a site where you can change your username and icon whenever the heck you want. You don't make an account and it's all anonymous.
Almost all of the chatrooms are RPs. xD So I'm running around RPing as characters I normally wouldn't use just for the fun of it.

Right now I just randomly jumped into a chatroom named "TamakixHaruh" and I'm RPing as Tamaki with some Haruhi RPer. xD
At least it's not turning out to be one of those RPs where the two characters sit around awkwardly after greeting each other and commenting on the weather.
But her Haruhi isn't really that good. I can tell this person obviously ships Tamaki x Haruhi a lot, but the real Haruhi is all like "Senpai, go away."
This person's Haruhi is all like "Senpai... //blush"


Tamaki asked her if she wanted to go out and do something. The real Haruhi would have had something better to do.

xD We've been roleplaying for a while now, and she's still not the greatest at RPing Haruhi, but it's still been fun.

Konekoha and Seto just joined as Honey-Senpai, Hikaru and Kaoru so now it's funner. xD

I just wasted all day. //crais
I have another huge book to read. I almost didn't finish the first one in time and mom got all mad at me. .-.
I read slower than she thinks.

I just joined a Soul Eater chatroom as Death the Kid
And I found Resonance, the first opening to Soul Eater-- I haven't listened to that song in what, about a year

I just suddenly remembered how awesome Soul Eater is.
I was really, really super tired of it for a long time. But that's probably just because I had a friend who was a really bad roleplayer but kept nagging me to Soul Eater RP with her.
I also got tired of my Soul Eater OC.

But now
Soul Eater is fabulous again.

I have to go now.

(D.J. Evans)

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