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Daily Blog #398: Fandom stuff everywhere

I'm starting to feel lonely again. ovo
I managed to forget about everyone for a couple weeks but now I'm just kind of wondering if they even exist anymore. One was constantly online for a while but said she was too busy to talk, so she said she'd message me whenever she had time. Haven't talked to her in weeks and now I don't see her online anymore. ovo

I'm just going to sleep the rest of the day or something. .-.

I'm watching as my Facebook is constantly filled with all this fandom stuff that my friends bought or won or got gifted.

And I'm just staring at a Kano hoodie

It's only like twenty dollars at the cheapest
but I'm in debt $100
and I still want to buy a drawing pad and the full version of the MP3 converter + SoundFonts
Plus my parents might make me pay for clothes that I pick out for my Takane cosplay-- if I manage to get to that before Halloween--
which I probably won't because I really
hate shopping for clothes

//pretends to get caffeine rush and sugar rush even though I never get either

//falls asleep

My mom seems to have problems with a lot of the stuff I like because she hates it when children get hurt in stories.

In good stories the main characters are usually kids. They're going to get injured, okay.


【Karaoke】Matryoshka -Piano version- - YouTube
Why is it so pretty
Matryoshka is supposed to be disturbing
and hurt your ears--
and general mental stability--

I have to go now. xD


(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!