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Daily Blog #395: Takane Cosplay


Now I'm eating a bagel.

I think for Halloween I'll cosplay as Takane. :U
Even though I'm Ene, Takane is extremely fitting since she's Ene's human form.


It seems simple enough. o: Maybe.

Here's her Actor form as well.


I just got a mask thing that I could paint to look like her gas mask.
The jacket thing makes it a bit harder, but I might be able to pull it off if I really try.

And then if I decided Ene, here's what I'd have to deal with. xD


I've been looking for a blue jersey for a while. But the rest would be hard.

gskagfsalgfasl-- I just found out that Admin Takane is cosplaying Ene. xDDD
Guess that's settled then. xDD

Anyway. :U

So uh. Today's the last day of vacation. .-.

I didn't get to go to church this morning because my alarm didn't work. D:
I woke up at like ten-- fdsahfdsafgasgfdsgflsagfaslgfasjl

Itikura, who made my favorite remix of Yobanashi Deceive, made a remix of Matryoshka. :DD

ユフとヒヨリによる「マトリョシカ」itikura_Remix - YouTube
This makes me very happy.
Not all of it sounds good in my opinion, but the chorus sounds amazing.

I just gave my friend the copyright to my old catchphrase. xD
"Senpai always notices me"

I have to go now. xD

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!