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Daily Blog #390: Music. xD

Can't get Pinterest working on my computer. I tried enabling JavaScript on both Firefox and Chrome. Both times I followed the instructions to the very end, but when I ran a check to see if JavaScript was enabled, it said it wasn't.
And I also made sure I had the latest version of Firefox and I updated Chrome.
Still not working. .-.

So I guess I have to continue using Pinterest on our other computer.
...Which makes Pinterest somewhat useless.


Hey, so I'm not getting enough comments on my Facebook page.
So uhm--
//copy paste

I have a lot of music written for A/O (YAY FOR WRITING BGM FOR BOOKS-- //slapped) but most of them I put in the computer with a composing program and I haven't mastered how to play them on piano keyboard. But I've been wanting to record me playing some different songs and post the videos on Facebook.
(Sorry the Hatena Blog people can't hear anything. If I'm able to post it on YouTube, then yeah; or maybe I can figure something else out, but otherwise nope.)
Since I can't manage to focus on mastering one song at a time, and am therefore getting pretty much nowhere, maybe you should decide which song I should focus on first.
So vote what you'd most like to hear.
(YAY FOR LONG EXPLANATIONS-- //slapped again)

- Good Night to Chaos (Midori's Theme; previously called Midori's Lullaby)

- Good Night to Order (Shyamala's Theme. Weirdest song on earth)

- Monochrome Angel (Alpha One's main theme. It's not as good as I'd like it to be so I might change it out.)

- Through the Tranquil Sky (Alpha One's secondary theme. I like this one a lot.)

- Pandemonium Samurai (Beta Two's theme. This ended up sounding pretty awesome.)

- Irresolute Dilemmas ([Temporary?] name for Gamma Nine's theme. Music box song.)

- Takai City (This one's really peaceful and happy sounding.)

- Friend of High Spirits (Shiro's theme. It's barely written, and I'm not sure how it'll turn out.)

- Desert Stone (Raibaru's theme. It's an extremely old song that somehow ended up being his theme)

I got one vote for Through the Tranquil Sky, so I'll focus on that for now, but I doubt anyone else is going to comment.

Facebook messes with the page's reach now. I have 112 likes on my page, but only a rough average of 15 people see my posts.
I'm kind of hating Facebook.

Apparently Hello Kitty's not a cat. And she's British. xD

Okay, I've got one vote for Good Night to Order and two votes for Through the Tranquil Sky. xD

I got rickrolled.
...Listened to the whole thing-- //shot



I have to go now. UvU


Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!