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Daily Blog #384: Engrend, depressed rant, and then Riddler Solver

gud day ledies n gentrmen
engrend desu
wud u liek sum tea


So some of the other admins from the KagePro group made a Hetalia page a few months ago. I'm now admin England. :U
He was the only spot open out of the four characters I couldn't decide between being.
The old admin for him dropped out just a little while ago. xD

But now

I am Engrend



I'm really not serious enough for him--

oh and I drew this last night.


I generally get into a fandom for a few days or weeks and then drop out, so don't worry.

So what's up?

Amber's Internet just went down. uvu
Every time there's a little bit of weather there it drops.
So I have even LESS time than I normally would. ovo

//jumps off cliff

I'm probably just gonna waste another day doing nothing. TvT I've spent the last two days watching Hetalia and Ouran because I've had nothing else to do.
My other friend hasn't been online in weeks, even though she said she'd be online more often. And my other one was finally on yesterday, but when I messaged her she said she was busy. Just like every other time I've messaged her lately. ovo

Oh well. Who needs friends anyway.
//throws confetti

Yesterday my parents said I'm not allowed to go to the art class at church anymore. I've been there for about a year or so and have barely learned anything, and it's too much money.
So I told the teacher I wasn't allowed to go anymore, and then after church she talked to me alone, and mY STUPID HEARING WAS HORRIBLE AS ALWAYS and I couldn't really understand what she was saying. I heard her say the words "lie to me"
and now I'm trying to figure out what she thought I'd lied about
and now the whole thing is kind of confusing and painful to think about. ovo
She also said that the reason I hadn't been learning anything was because I was barely ever there. When really I'm pretty sure I've almost always been there, except I'd skipped the last few weeks.
Don't get me wrong, she's an amazing person; she's just kind of scary. To me, anyway. TvT And I feel like she could be a little more tactful sometimes.

So anyway, no art class, which means an hour less with my friends.
So now I get about three hours a week with the real-life friends that I actually have. (And most of that time, as you know, is during class and we can't actually do anything.)

Totally not feeling alone. TvT

At least I get to spend a few minutes RPing with Amber most mornings.
And I have the KagePro group, but they've almost stopped RPing, are barely using the chatroom compared to before, a lot are missing and some of them are being kind of depressing. One of them's very different than before and it makes me kind of sad. ovo Not that she's not enjoyable now, but I miss how everything used to be.

I wish I'd gotten a little more than one month of summer vacation. TvT
This... really hasn't been the best summer.
Probably because I expected so much from it. ovo Every time I expect something to go well, it doesn't.
(And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I've become a pessimist--)

People are always making fun of pessimists, but it's not really any less logical than being optimistic. If you expect something to go badly, then you won't be as hurt if it does go badly, and you'll be more surprised and happy if it actually goes well.
I guess pessimists can be more depressing to be around though. ^^;
So I understand both sides, really.

//flips over

Things I post on my Facebook page are finally getting likes. :'DD I might even be able to say that most of the things I post get at least one like. TvT Finallyyyyyy.
That makes me feel much better.

Yesterday I randomly wrote English translyrics for the Riddler who Can't Solve Riddles.
ovo I don't know why I did it.
But it makes me very happy.

I'll see if it's possible for me to record it and post it on YouTube. o3o I posted a thing on YouTube before just so that my friend could get to it, but I'm not really allowed to have a YouTube channel.
Maybe my mom will let me now.

And in case that doesn't work out, I'll post the off-vocal and my translyrics.

(Off vocal:

Len Kagamine: The Riddle Solver who can't Solve Riddles - Off-vocal - YouTube)

(And the original in case you've never heard the song before--

【Kagamine Len】 The Riddle Solver who can't solve Riddles【Vocaloid PV】 - YouTube)

There are some parts that are really hard to sing because of the way I wrote it. I promise it all fits, because I've sung it several times, but you may not be able to figure out the timing of the words in some lines. Sorry. I might edit it sometime.


So the first mystery to solve now
Is why the man was inside of his room alone
With a glass of wine clearly poisoned
Strong enough to kill a victim who would drink from the cup

With her hands folded in front her
The girl listened as the detective spoke
With a single arm at his side
The detective continued on

The reason why is simple
Because at that point in time
He was clearly destined for death
And nobody argues with their fate

So who is behind these deaths?
You know this already; I shan't say
All of it happened in front of you
Your eyes are the only witness we have

So who is behind these deaths?
You might want your answer to stay concealed
But even if you don't call it in front of me
Well, then I'll say how this story's gonna end

Now the second mystery calls us
As to why they were thrown to the heartless sea
And among that group of victims
Might have been the one plotting this all from the start

And then reaching to her pocket
The girl wasn't noticed when she did
She pulled out a hidden weapon
And approached him clenching the knife

"This really wasn't expected
And for all the things I'd planned
The mistake that I'd not covered
Was the other detective besides me"

So, who is behind these deaths?
With a natural move he hit it to the ground
The girl looked in fear as her only hope
Clattered to the floor as the boy smiled

So, who is behind these deaths?
Come, say the name of the person you see
The culprit is right in front of you
Now I dare you to shout my name!

I really didn't want you
To know this story; my mistake

If you want to run, then run away
I'll spare your life if you hurry up!

So, who is behind these deaths?
You know, there's still not just one to suspect
But the means to confirm our answer
Will soon disappear from existence

So, who is behind these deaths?
Come, if you don't just hurry up and say
My hands will destroy you; hurry hurry up
You ought to shout because you're almost out of time

So, who is behind these deaths?
You know this already; I shan't say
All of it happened in front of you
You were there for the murders and I was too

So, who is behind these deaths?
The one who is shouting, say my name!
Come, you can shout it, don't deny
Hurry up and scream my name!

It was hard because I had to add a lot. The Japanese had more words and many more syllables than what it translated into for the English subs.
But as a result, my translyrics ended up much more visual and detailed than the English subs. ovo I'm pretty happy with it.

Especially since this is the English dub I'd just listened to--

ナゾトキ - Nazotoki / "The Riddler who can't solve Riddles" English Dub by Philsterman01 - YouTube

I mean, his voice and singing are amazing, and the video is well-made, but his translyrics are really awkward. He just tried to omit most of the syllables. The song has a lot more notes than that. :\ I appreciate that he tried to keep the song's signature line, "So, who is the culprit?" but seriously, it DOES NOT fit. I mean, listen to it.

Also he seemed to assume too many details about the story. Like, we don't know if, for this story, Len is supposed to be Rin's "childhood friend." Until someone finally solves Riddler who Can't Solve Riddles and its sequel, we kind of have to stay as exact to the original words as possible.


Oh well. He actually did a great job compared to most people, really. Just not with the lyrics. ovo
I commend him for making the lines rhyme. I never write rhyming lyrics because it is incredibly, INCREDIBLY hard. It might be part of why he wasn't able to make the rest of the lyrics so good.

So my blog might not exactly be daily anymore. ^^; I missed another one yesterday.
My computer just kind of hates Hatena Blog sometimes now. So if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. :T

Speaking of my computer hating stuff, it's spazzing out right now.

I finally got GIMP to work, but chat on Facebook stopped working.

Anyway, I just finished this.


I'm going to use it for the background of my recording.

It didn't turn out anywhere near the way I wanted it to. :T I was trying to do a cool thing with the way I was doing the shading, but it just ended up looking all messy and gdskfslagfsdglas and then I couldn't really do a background without messing up Len and Rin.

Just sayin.



A piece of my headphones just broke. TvT They're still fully functional, but it was just something that made them a little more comfortable.
Oh well. It's fine for now, I guess.

I have to go nao. OvO

(D.J. Evans)

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