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Daily Blog #373: Anata to watashi de randebuu...?

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

So my meme now has 371 likes and 233 shares on the Mekakuneko page, and 322 likes and 71 shares on the Konoha page.

Trying to make more official-looking concept art and references, I made my first image with a transparent background. But the drawing itself looks terrible.

Main thing is I made him way too short.
He's supposed to be 5'8". This looks about 5'3".
I also should probably have been more careful with his eyes. The highlights are awkward and you can barely see the green.


I CAN'T DRAW WRINKLES IN CLOTHING. I can barely draw bodies at all.
My close-up pictures can look good. Not full-body stuff.
//rolls around hysterically

//Still can't figure out the size of Shiro's bandana
//or his shoulders
//has had this character for a year and a half and knows everything about him but his shoulder size

I feel like drawing more. .-. I can't seem to draw anything good right now. But I want to draw.
Maybe because I want an excuse to listen to awesome music--

Somehow Shyamala's playlist ended up really epic. Maybe because she's such a weird character. 0^0

Of course, any playlist is automatically epic with Ievan Polkka.

//just accidentally wasted entire night learning Ievan Polkka and then Matryoshka

I've almost got Matryoshka down. =DD I'm doing different voices for Miku and Gumi, and I'm doing them really weird.
Miku sounds like a completely cracked psycho.
And Gumi just sounds like an adorable but confused loli.

I like making up different voices, inflections and tones for songs. o3o That's why Outer Science is so fun to sing. ovo
And this one is turning out to be pretty fun too.

Sounding like a psycho while singing is fuuuuuunnnnnnn. ovo

I has to go nao. uvu

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!