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Daily Blog #346: FAIL

Konnichiwa minasan.

LIFE IS A GAME. :U //shot
I just started Habit RPG, which is a game that gives you experience points every time you get something done in real life. xD
I can add writing to my to-do list, in dailies, and maybe I'll actually get stuff done. 0.0



D:< I meant to get up at seven or eight this morning, but I forgot to set my alarm, and my parents let me sleep in until TWELVE even though they know I want to get up early on Saturdays.
//Screams and jumps out window


I'm finally about to watch the last two episodes of Kagerou Project.
Apparently the ending was terrible. //sigh
Really. Kagerou Project had so much potential, and SHAFT's just ruined it.
//more screaming ensues

The fandom, however, is still the best fandom in the history of... fandoms. :U


(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!