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Daily Blog #335: Outer Science >:D

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

I drew Ene.
Well, to be more specific, Enesoda. There's not a lot of difference in design besides the face and drawing style, but whatevs. xD

Anyway, that's my FB profile picture now.

So I'm going to drama camp next week. xD Well, we're gonna start driving, anyway.
So... yeah. I'll be gone for a few weeks.

I'M GOING TO BE KUROHA. I'm going to speak the Outer Science lyrics and be AWESOME AND DRAMATIC AND YES.
Until they cut me off after 20 seconds even though they said to memorize something 1-2 minutes long. Oh well~
xD Hehehe. That's what they did last year.

Anyway, I'm excited. I've practiced the song a LOT already so I can sing it very, very dramatically... Hopefully I can speak it just as well.
And in front of fifty people. :'D //dies

I love this idea though. Outer Science is my favorite song ever and Kuroha is my second-favorite character and asdfghjkl;


It's also good that it's something I've already memorized because at this time, I wouldn't have enough time to memorize the poem I was initially planning on doing. x'D
I put it off. A lot. xDD
I really need to practice this though... It's so hard to speak song lyrics. Especially if I'm not certain what each specific word means...

Chiisaku mijime ni ikita seimei; ga shinde wa doa o tataku deshou--?
Chiisana aruji wa mikaneru... "Iya na hanashi da."
...Ookiku hirogaru nodo to doutai wa-- shinda kokoro o tokasu you ni...
Yukkuri inochi o nomikomi--
Me o kurinuku.
Nee~♪ Kimi mo inocchattan deshou~? Boku ni niramareta toki ni saa~
Sonna hisou seishin wa-- Daikoubutsuda!!
YOUKOUSO WAGA TAINAI E!! Ai to ego no shuuchakuten--
Kimi mo sugu ni umarekawareru kaibutsu mitai de suteki na koto deshou!
Ah, Kami-sama, nande?" tte-- "Mou iya da you" to naite tte--!!!
Ukeirero yo-- kore wa sadame da! Tsugi no tsugi no TSUGI no nushi ni
kenmei shiyou!!



Ignore me.

Anyway... I have nothing else to say.
Figures. I never do anymore. xDD

Well. bye. xD

(D.J. Evans)

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