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Daily Blog #330: Back to the loneliness. Hello. xDD

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

I don't feel like writing my blog. asdfghjkl;

I was in the KagePro chatrooms today. It got really weird. And everyone was typing too fast for me to respond and my computer was majorly lagging.

One of my best friends was talking to me and then she had to go do dishes an hour ago and hasn't come back.

And my other friend was RPing with me finally, but then she got bored so we took a break. And then I guess something happened and she told me she wanted to only talk to someone else for a while and she sounded really unhappy and she hasn't come back and now I just feel really bad for her and don't know what's happening.

Basically, I think it was actually a pretty good day until just now. :\ So
yeah. I dunno.

My friend's been online this whole time but hasn't said anything more to me. I wish she'd at least say whether she's okay or not.

She did say she'd be okay but maybe that's just because she knows how much I always worry about her and she knows how I always feel really bad when she feels bad.
Or maybe she doesn't know. Probably not.

Whatever. I'll stop talking about all that, I guess.

My other friend was actually acting really interested in Alpha/Omega today. :'D That's, like, the best thing that ANYONE could do for me, is act interested in my stories.
She does this a lot. :'D The few times we get to talk, anyway.
She loves Alpha/Omega and all of my characters. I don't think she knows how happy it makes me. xD
She's one of the people I've chosen to tell all of the spoilers to. Just today I was telling her about the main, MAIN concept of Alpha/Omega, where it gets really super deep, and about the ending where it all ties together.
She loves it. It makes me soooo happy. x'D
I wish she'd come back online... xDDD

But anyway, right now I'm working on my planning. I'm writing down Alpha One's story at the moment.
He's my friend's favorite character from A/O. xD

I thought I'd be really happy right now, since it's Friday night, I was talking about Alpha/Omega to one of my best friends, having an amazing RP with the other...
Now they're both gone and I have no idea if one of them is even okay right now.

I was just trying to play some of my old songs on the piano.
Nope. Can't remember them. They're all gone. All of the music I've written over the past few years that I had in muscle memory. All gone. Even the ones I really liked. If I didn't write them in Anvil Studio, now they're completely missing forever.

So that... kind of did nothing to help my night.

Okay, at least I can remember Isra's theme.
That one's easy to remember because I know it's the only song played with one hand.

//Concept flies over everyone's heads because they've all forgotten/don't care who Isra is


To avoid acting all depressed and depressing everyone else, when it's not really that bad, I'm just going to end my blog now.
So, like, don't worry about me (if anyone who reads this ever actually cares. xD) I just get really uber lonely every now and then and make my blog all depressed.
I should shut up since today I got to talk to three of my best friends, do a bit of the best RP of my life, and be in an insane chatroom with a whole ton of awesome random people.

Since I've joined the Mekakuneko Cola Pan Dan a few weeks ago, this is actually only the second time I've felt really lonely. Someone's always online and I love them all and they really act like they care about me. xD Even though they don't care about my stories or characters. But that's fine since we all KagePro together, and that's pretty dang epic.

So whatever. xD Bye.

(D.J. Evans)

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