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Daily Blog #316: Drawings, and then a random emo rant, and then singing. xD

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.



I redesigned a character last night and I reeeaaaally like him now. xD
I can't tell you his name or who he is because spoilers. xD


Isn't he adorable though.


My friend disappeared, but that's okay because I have another friend.

Friend friend friend friend frieeeeeennndsss. xD




My other friend's leaving now. D: She didn't even reply to anything I'd said...
Oh well...

Maybe my other friend will come online soon. I hope so. She's online on Pinterest right now so...

...I have like, a grand total of five close friends. And three of those are on the Internet. xD

I'll try to get myself to write today. Hopefully. Maybe.
I was actually sorting out a bit of Alpha/Omega storyline last night. =D That'd be good if I can get myself into that again.

While I wait to see if my friend gets online, I'll sit here and listen to Mafumafu. xD

This one's pretty cool.
I have no idea what the story's about though because I haven't seen an English translation yet.

I should see if I can draw ice... I think I used to be able to... Maybe... Or maybe I just thought I could draw ice and I really couldn't...

Bleh, doesn't seem like my friend's coming online...

I thought I was going to write but apparently I'm just going to go play piano. xD
I like this new character theme I made last night.


Ugh... Greeeeeeaaaaat. Figures.
My fingers decided to forget it. Apparently I lost my song. I don't usually remember what my music sounds like the day after I write it, but I at least remember how to play it.

Dx Today was already turning out not-so-good and then this...

I would probably waste my entire rest of the day on watching anime but my laptop's decided to stop making the little bleep noise when someone messages me. So I don't want to miss my friend if she comes online.
She never really messages me first anyway, though, so it's not like the bleep noise matters... I still have to check every once in a while though to see if she's on.

xD She probably won't get online and then I'll have wasted my whole day. That's how it usually goes. xD

Story of my life...

Ugh. I'm so lonely. I know I complain about this a lot, and I'm sorry, but... Seriously...

I know I can't blame people for being busy, but I seriously wonder why all of my close friends just suddenly became busy all at the same time. I mean, they used to all get on every day. And then they just suddenly stopped.

So... yeah.

Mom acts like I could do something about it. She thinks I could go out and do a class or something and make new friends.
I don't WANT new friends. I want my own friends to come back... And besides, it's hard for me to make friends in real life... I'm super awkward and slow-witted and just ugh. Like... I try to say something funny and everyone either ignores me, or they'll find something wrong with what I said. I don't blame them though. Most of what I say in real life is just plain stupid. I'm not quick-witted at allllll.

And besides the fact that my online friends just aren't ever around anymore, when I do talk to them, it feels kind of sliiiiightly more awkward than it used to be.
Like when I upset my closest online friend by talking about Alpha/Omega too much... That was probably the first time any of my friends has ever been upset at me. And since then I feel awkward talking to her, even though she probably doesn't feel awkward towards me at all... I don't know. I can't tell. She acted interested in what I had to say for the half-year or so that I knew her, but maybe she just lost interest...? But I do know that now I can't talk about my stories to her, and my stories are kind of one of the most important things to me sooooo... yeah. That's kind of painful.
We don't even have anything to say to each other anymore. We just kind of sit there...


Welcome to DeAnna's emo side. That's my one problem. Right there. xDD

One advantage to being alone: I can write whatever the heck I feel like here and it doesn't matter because just about nobody will read it. xD

xD I need to stop relying on people for my happiness so much, though.

I'll rely on...

No. xDD That was the wrong answer.



Really though, I have mashed potatoes here and they make me happy...

I don't feel like getting up and getting my headphones from the piano, so I'll just plug in my speakers.
That's probably twice as much work as getting the headphones. xDD

YAYY! I've got the entire first part of Outer Science memorized. I can sing the rest of it near flawlessly while reading the lyrics.
That song is haaaarrrrddd, man. xDD

I'm working on Tokyo Teddy Bear now... Don't ask why.

That song's actually not okay with my voice. x'D I can't really sing it. I don't know why I'm even trying.

Ooh... Children Record would be cool if I could sing that...

//Cries in the corner
B-but... Night Tales Deceive... I want to sing it...

I can almost do the first chorus. Sort of. Bleh.


♪O mai, daati! Nante shuutai! Boku wa gomakasu
Nante itta tte kono honshin wa bukimi ja nai?
Itsuwatte soppo muite uso wo kasanete
Boku wa kyou mo mata tsuzuzuretedeteterezereaaaaaa buh-duh!

...That is seriously how I sing it. xDD



Due to conversation with my best friend, I drew a funky picture last night of Kuroha lighting Kano on fire.
I don't even know. xD
The fire looks really derpy though. It's amazing.

Ooookay, doesn't look like my friend is getting online. xD
...BUT MY OTHER FRIEND SAID SHE'D PROBABLY BE BACK TONIGHT. But she usually isn't. WHAT DO I DO? I want to just watch Death Note and check Facebook every few minutes, but I might forget to check or something... xD

Okay, whatevs. xD Imma post now. SEEYA~ xDD

(D.J. Evans)

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