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Daily Blog #309: Voices...

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

I started Ouran High School Host Club last night. I like it okay. I probably wouldn't be watching it without Tamaki though.

Speaking of Ouran.
I found this on Pinterest. It's why I started watching the anime.

My FB is screwing up really, really bad. As in... I CANNOT see Amber's messages without refreshing the page.
So then I got on 3DS so it'd be easier for me to chat with her...
And it's STILL MESSING UP. I'm still trying to figure out whether she messaged me or not.

She did. Ugh...

I'm not seeing anything now. Maybe it'll work better if I posted on her wall and we just commented to each other.

Okay, that worked.
And now I think I'm seeing her chat messages now. What the. xD
I hate Facebook. xD

Aaaaaand now it's not working again.
I switched to my Pen Antonettu account. Maybe that'll help. If not, I'll just get on our main computer.

Dx Today is turning out terrible.

Yeah... Facebook just says Amber's offline now and I haven't seen any of her messages in the past twenty minutes. So... yeah.

No big deal. Just basically the only person I ever get to talk to anymore, gone.

Oh my goodness. xDD


Way. Too. Many. OC's. Exactly. Like. This.


I don't even roleplay with anyone anymore besides Amber. (There's another person I would roleplay with but she doesn't like roleplaying anymore. Which kinda really hurts...)
But people just can't roleplay.
I don't even know why anyone would think it'd be fun to have an OC like that. x'D Seriously.

Oh well. xD

I'm trying to figure out if D.J. (my Soul Eater OC) is a Mary Sue. When I think about it, she kind of has a lot of Mary Sue traits.
She is definitely, DEFINITELY an author insertion. That's obvious. xD
She wasn't built to be shipped with my favorite character (Death the Kid) but she WAS designed for him.
...To cause him to spaz out and die. xD The entire point of D.J. is that she's extremely asymmetrical.
She's orphaned, 14 years old...
She's Soul's cousin, which is a blatant Sue trait. Even though it was ONLY because I was taking advantage of my last name...
Yyyyeeeaaah... Nope.
Sounds like she might be a Mary Sue.
Oh well...
I didn't think I had any Mary Sue characters. xDD

She's kind of the opposite though of the most significant Sue trait: all-powerful.
D.J. can't even fight without a meister. xD And she trips over everything and trips over nothing and falls into holes and drops things and yeah.

She's still a Mary Sue though. //Sighs

What can I say. She was my first fanfiction OC. xD

I have to finish my math. I jumped on the computer because Amber always (usually) gets on at 1:00 and I'd accidentally fallen asleep until 1:30 and I hadn't finished my math...

Soooo tiiirrrreeedddddd. T^T

Before I get into another anime I actually need to finish up Durarara. xD I've got like six episodes left on that. And then I can watch more Ouran.
Or just forget about Ouran and move on to Attack on Titan. THEY'VE FINALLY GOT THAT ON WATCHCARTOONONLINE.

I was also going to continue Death Note but just like... Whatever...
I mean, I can't really judge until they get into L's character more, but for now I'm not really that interested.

Look at me. I'm actually watching popular anime now. Omaigoodness. I feel almost like I could be classified as an otaku. Maybe. Almost.

Maybe when I finish Durarara and start AoT. xD

I'll have to ask Boden. He's the ultimate anime/otaku expert. He dubbed me a minor otaku when I started Fairy Tail.
Even though I didn't like Fairy Tail much. xD

One thing though.

I'm going to die if Saturday doesn't come soon enough for me. KAGEROU PROJECT IS NOW OFFICIALLY MY FAVORITE ANIME.
Farewell, Soul Eater.

I actually got tired of Soul Eater. xD I still called it my favorite anime but...

AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never finished Soul Eater. Sarah and I were watching it together butweneverfinisheditand AAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHH

Uwaaaaa. Tamaki has the same voice actor as Fai D. Flourite from Tsubasa. THE ANIME THAT TRAUMATIZED MEEEEEEE.
I miss Fai... A lot... I miss when that anime was actually good... as compared to pulling out eyeballs and torturing my favorite character.

But anyway, I was watching Ouran and as soon as Tamaki spoke I was like EYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH THAT'S FAI-SAN //Cries in the corner//

He even looks almost exactly like Fai. xDD
I wasn't sure how I was going to continue watching this anime without dying every time...

I'm rambling today. This is fun.

I wonder if the reason everybody's gone is because of... finals, or whatever. That's what one of my friends blamed it on.
I've gotten used to being completely alone though.
I'll just watch anime all day or something... xD

And not write anything because all of my motivations goes POOF when there's absolutely no one around to talk to. //Dies

Yeah, I don't think anyone reads this blog anymore. I haven't gotten a comment in several several days.
Except for a freaked out emoticon from Alex.
Dude, what was that about.
I haven't seen you in forever and then you just leave a comment on my blog with no words and no explanation and wut.

I want to know what happened to Bella.

...Not gonna think about that.

Every once in a while Facebook says one of my friends is online, but she doesn't answer me when I message her. So our chat just has this long line of me just saying "Hello?" "You there?" day after day after day.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... My best friend's online. Finally. TuT

And now I have a burrito. ;w;

Still feel lonely though because thefriendwhomFacebookactslikeistherewhensheisn't just appeared, but apparently she can't talk to me right now because she's going to go hang out with her friend. Sooooo yeah.

Maybe music will make it better. xD

I'm listening to the 3-hour version of U.N. Owen was Her. It makes me happy.

Me: Do you like waffles?

Abby: Yeah I like waffles

Me: Do you like pancakes?

Abby: Yeah like pancakes.

Me: Do you like French toast?

Abby: Yeah I like French Toast.

Me: Do you like fish fingers and custard?

Abby: I don't know.
I thought we were singing a song.

Me: No, I was interrogating you.

Listen to this song my friend sent me.

I like it. xD
We're showing each other the songs that have voices that remind us of our characters, and she sent me this one for her character whom is both her and my favorite.
I like this song a lot. xDD

I sent her this one for Shiro's voice:
The voice of Mafumafu. It's not exact though. But the closest voice I've found.
Mafumafu's voice is just sliiiiiightly more girly...

And then I was like...


Because I'm weird. xD

I probably couldn't get Shiro to sing Outer Science if I begged him.
Well, maybe. He does most stuff that I tell him too.
Not as well as Mafumafu did though. Shiro would never do it so creepily.

xD I have issues.

...My dad just gave me a massive package of milk chocolate.
...This makes me happy.


I'm filling out the character profile for Lute. Maybe I can finally get to know his personality. xD Finally.

Neh. Friends left.
Oh well. 8T

I have chocolate. ewe

//Waves it in your face//
And it's all mine.


Vic Mignogna. That's his name.
I can't ever remember how to spell his last name.
The voice actor for Tamaki and Fai.
His voice sounds like Lute's.

Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ~(.-.)~ I'm being pointless right now.

I need to memorize an epic two-minute speech for drama camp. Cuz auditions.
But I dunno what.

Blah. I'm just going to go play piano.
//Flops over

Played about the first second of Outer Science, got stuck and quit. xD

This is what I'm trying to do.

Obviously not as complex as that, but it'd be awesome if I could play it.

This version actually sounds really comical in some parts. xD
...I think I already said that, like, yesterday.

I think I'll post this now. :T


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