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Daily Blog #306: bwaaaaaaaaa

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

I'm happy with my new flipnote so far. I've finished the animation... but I have to do voice acting... and... AAAGH

Well, first of all, the DSi doesn't really seem to pick up my voice changes at all, even though I'm actually really good with voices. Sure, I'm only doing one character's voice in this flip, but it has to sound like tHE CHARACTER AND NOT ME. I CAN DO KUROHA'S VOICE BUT ON THE DSI IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE MY NORMAL VOICE AND ASDFGJKL:AHDAKGDJALDGAJGDA

And second of all, it's a mock English sub, so I have to speak in Japanese... which is no problem except for when I'm trying to memorize long, complex lines AND say them with the right tones and inflections aND THE RIGHT TIMING.

So yeah.

I also can only do this when I'm alone, and almost the only time I'm alone AND have free time to do whatever I want, is for a few hours most Saturday mornings.

Soooooo yyyyeeeeaaahhh I'm not really sure how I'm going to work this thing out.


How are you?

That's good.

I have no friends. But we already knew that. 8P

I'm actually doing better with being alone all the time now. I don't mind as much as I used to.

One of my friends was supposed to get online an hour ago, but she hasn't. Thought that'd probably happen.

I don't know what the heck's been going on but my best online friend has been missing for about a week or two (she came back once and mentioned she's been busy, but now she's disappeared again)
And my second-best online friend has been too busy to talk to me too.

I don't get why everyone suddenly can't talk to me... All at the same time. This isn't how it was just a few months ago...

I want to draw Nightowl.

Actually, I have a character I need to design. She's the girl I thiiiiiiink I might ship Nightowl with. She's his close friend, anyway.

I just found out that Mary from Kagerou Project-- one of the ONLY, ONLY female characters I have ever actually liked (for some reason, female characters in anime just arent likeable. I don't get it...)
Anyway... I just found out she's apparently obsessed with yaoi. DANGIT. I JUST CAN'T TRUST ANY ANIME CHARACTER ANYMORE. It seems like every time I like an anime character, I find out something horrible about them that makes me hate them. I feel betrayed. ;-;

...Or I'm just forced to watch their eyes gouged out and eaten. But we don't talk about that one.



...Dude. What the. Why can't I draw shoulders anymore. xDD

.... 0.0 I like how my character's hair turned out. ouo
Ooooooh, I like how her face turned out too. She's so prettyyyyyyyy...
And her clothes. Especially her shoes.
xD Okay, I'm happy. xDDD
...Hopefully I can get a good color scheme...


Like I said, I never really like a lot of female characters... This one. I like her. I've barely even designed her personality and she's not too bad. Hehehehe. x3

Now I'm designing her personality and I'm liking her more and more. Hehehehehe~
At first glance her design looks kind of cliche. But it's not... (Dunno how that works. xDD)

Okay, here she is~


The colors look a bazillion times better on paper. Like always. Oh well. ;.; At least you have an idea.

I named her Asha Jansing.
She likes mice. ouo hehe

Whyyyyyyyyyy is there no one onliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee

I'm hungry.

Imma post this now. Bye.

(D.J. Evans)

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