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Daily Blog #300: Kuroha's voice though. xD

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

Yesterday I was listening to a bunch of different versions of the actual song Kagerou Days.


I think I'm traumatized now from listening to that so much. x'D THAT SONG IS SO TRAUMATIZING.

But the music's good...

I found a screenshot of the epical scene in Episode 4. Hibiya and thegirlwhosenameIcan'tremember are yelling at each other and Konoha's just like...


That had to be the best anime scene in the entire world ever.


IT'S MY 300TH DAILY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
//Invisible audience cheers//

I wish I could become an admin of this Konoha Kokonose page but my mom won't let me admin any more pages than I already am... Plus the admin tag I would want to take is a male (Kano) and my mom DEFINITELY wouldn't approve of that. xD
(I suppose I would be able to do Mary because I actually like her... I barely ever like female characters because they're all lame for some reason but she's okay... But that admin tag's already taken. Gah.)

I don't like JubyPhonic's cover of Night Tales Deceive. I reeeaaaallly don't like it. She tries to make words fit where they don't, she switched "bebop" for "beatbox," (that bugs me more than it should xD) she got a note flat, and she changes the best part of the song ("Oh my, dirty!") to using God's name in vain.
It's super lame. xD
(And I wish she'd used her dude voice for that song so it'd sound more like Kano, but she didn't.)

So I'm making my own English lyrics. I've got a bit of it written down so far. I doubt I'll finish it because I never finish anything... but I'll try. xD
I'm proud of it so far. And I have an alto voice that'll sound a whole lot more like Kano.

//Pokes you

Hi. ouo

There was nobody online all weekend.
Or before that.
Or ever.
//Flops over
Everybody's gone.

On May 15, all the KagePro fans have to take a picture of themselves with a hood, any kind of headphones, and have to cover their eyes. And, like... tag it "blindfold complete."
So... I can do that. xD

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa. //Rolls around on the ground with derpface//
gggghhhhhhhhhhh I just want somebody to come online and talk to me
My friend should have been here an hour ago but she's mysteriously gone
Like that's a surprise

This is getting serious though. I don't know what to do anymore. When I get really lonely, I'm never motivated to do anything. I can't write, my drawings feel pointless... And there's not really much else I like to do.

Pinterest is still broken.

I don't get any dreams at night anymore. D'x That makes me really sad. It's like, every once in a while I just stop dreaming for several weeks...


I feel like traumatizing my characters. But I don't have any characters left to traumatize because I did all that yesterday.

I just found the Konoha scene again. I showed my mom so she can understand why I like Konoha so much. xD

Yaaayyy, friend's here. xD

I want to get a YouTube playlist thingy on my blog... But there's no one around anymore whom I can ask how to do it.
Cuz everyone's gone.
I bet no one's even reading this.


I like the choir version of Kagerou Days. It's much more dramatic so it fits better.
Warning: Like I said before, it's mildly traumatizing. xDDD

I'm laughing at myself now, because like...
A year ago on Flipnote Hatena I saw a flipnote MV that had the part with the iron poles. And I was like...
Ugh, those emo people. Emo depressing story like what the heck. What is even the point of this flipnote. SO STUPID

Until just a couple days ago I didn't realize it was part of Kagerou Project. x'DDD

//Screams// IF THE ANIME STICKS TO THE PV SERIES THEN THE NEXT EPISODE SHOULD BE ENTIRELY ABOUT KONOHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
//Gets slapped

I don't know whether I'm looking forward to the Outer Science storyline or dreading it. ;-;

Oh look. Hardcore Outer Science.
I would love to understand what Kuroha is saying at the end. x'D

...So much screaming. xD
//Slaps everyone

I liked IA's tones and inflections more. She sounded more creepy.
...But then, she also sounds like a girl... so yeah. xDD

Oh, this voice is pretty fitting.

Alright, enough of that song.
xD Stahp, DeAnna.

I'm eating pizza.

Pizza is eating me.

I would post this blog now but it's kind of the only thing entertaining me so I'll keep it open even though I don't have anything to say. xDD

Yaaaaay I actually drew a legitimate picture of Bonewaltz.
I kinda hadn't been able to draw his face right for a while. Now I got it again. -w-

//Gets slapped




I wonder why "Konoha" is a katakana name and not hiragana.

I've just been sitting around all day doing nothing and hoping someone will get online. Guess how well that works out. xD
I guess I'll try to work on Inter-Dimensional Academy or something.

Or maybe I'll go join Sudomemo.

Sure... Why not.



More info about that tomorrow.

(D.J. Evans)

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