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Daily Blog #296: Stuff. xD

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

I accidentally started a debate with someone. xD It's about whether swearing is okay or not.
I'm extra good with this subject though. xD

How are you?
I'm listening to Magician's Operation. Because. I don't know, it was stuck in my head.

...Wow... This guy's getting really annoying. xDD HE'S JUST SO STUBBORN LIKE WHAT. I sent him a zillion-and-one Bible verses that clearly forbid foul speech, and now he's accusing me of twisting the meaning of verses. xD OH MY GOODNESS.
I don't even know how I could be more clear.
And he's being a jerk about it too. xD

I know people say that arguing over the Internet is totally useless, but I mean, it's not like the other person (if they're not stupid) is going to totally ignore your words. They'll always act like they're not going to change their opinion, but I mean, I don't completely, absolutely doubt that I can at least give someone to think about. Even if it's for a total of two seconds...

I think he gave up. xD All of my debates always end with the other person getting tired of arguing.
I've learned to take those as wins, considering what I said before about how the other side will never ever admit I'm right. xDD

My friend is telling me that apparently the person left because he had to calm down. xD Wow.

Okay, enough about that. xD He came back but he's still just using fallacies. I'm going to end this debate soon cuz it's pointless.

Wat, it's already 6:00. How did this happen. D:

Oh. I started Death Note last night. Two episodes so far.
So far I kind of hate it but whatever I'll keep going. xD They've barely even introduced L so I'll at least wait until then to make any judgement...

I hate Light though. He's so evil and he's a stupidface. I mean I guess that's kind of the point but... come on. xD Why does he get to be the main character? //Flops over

OH. But I see how this anime is actually supposed to be really thought-provoking. For someone who doesn't know the laws of the Bible about killing, it could be really interesting.

But I'm just over here like... The answer is no you're not supposed to just kill all of the bad guys in the world so hush.
...Mainly because we're all bad guys so you'd be killing everybody. xDD I mean, how does Light even judge.

Whatevs. xD

OH YEAH. I was on restriction this morning. Got it done in an hour or two. xDD
All I had to do was retake my science test.

"What color is green?"

My friend is special. xD

I have nothing else to say now and it's getting late. xD

(D.J. Evans)

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