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Daily Blog #288: So much things.

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

So I finally got my sketchbook from art class. x'D I finished filling out the whole thing (and everyone else was confused because they're not even near done with theirs) so the teacher's letting me actually have the sketchbook.

There's this drawing of King Arthur in there.
Maybe I'll scan it in and post it tomorrow.
Or maybe I'll redraw it, since I couldn't draw horses back then.




>:D I love how he turned out.

Oh, the triangle thing behind him is significant. It's a... sort of portal thingy, but it's a hole he cuts in the air with his scythe.
...I'm slowly getting better at describing that. Hush. x'D
But it's a portal thingy to the afterlife. Which... I still haven't decided what the afterlife is in that world. But whatevs.
He reaps souls of dying people with his scythe and puts the souls in the little pouch there. And then sends them through the portal thingy at the end of each day.

Part of the storyline is where a soul escapes before he can put it in the pouch. x'D And then it ends up forming completely into a ghost and haunting some place.


I can draw horse faces now. Realistically. :D
I drew Epona.
With a tiny kitten on her head.

Friend be like, "My house has three stories."
I be like, My house has three rooms.


The picture of me in my hat, on FB, got 15 likes and 8 comments. (Three of those comments are from my aunt.)
I didn't know I had that many friends. x'D
Actually, these are mostly from the people who ignore me all the rest of the time.

...Well, now I know how to make them pay attention to me. xDD

I think I'm going to take a new picture soon because this one's all ew quality and stuff.
I suppose I'll do that for my Pinterest profile picture.

GAH. My mom told me today not to mention Pinterest again for a few days. Dx It's not like it would take more than ten or twenty minutes to check out the site and make sure it's appropriate... //Dies
And now I have to wait loooongerrrrrrrrrr.
Even though I've been asking her for quite a long time and she's been pretty much saying "okay"...

I don't know. I'm so confuse. x'D

I was going to type "confused" but then it came out as confuse so like okay.

I just lost the Game.

Oh well. I'm listening to a nice song now.
Again. Because I have, like... fifteen songs. Maximum. x'D

Okay that's not true with the Relient K album because there are like twenty on there.

This song makes me want to draw Isra Agnes.

But drawing one-armed people is hard.


I would draw Edward too but I hate drawing his crown... UGH. I HATE CROWNS THEY'RE SO HARD TO DRAWHJKSGFLKSGDJAGDAFASDGHJKL
I drew a chibi Silas in class tonight. It turned out really good. xD
He's chasing the soul that escaped.

Oh, that's where my eraser went.


I'm going to wear these glasses.
And the hat. Oh yeaaaaaaaaaah.
I look so fabulous.

I can't find my pencil.
Here's a new one though.

I'm going to draw Silas again. In different clothes.
Well, not different clothes...
Less clothes. NO. Without his coat.

That totally wasn't weird at all.

xD I'm so awkward.

I wonder if this lollipop tastes like Rainbow Dash...

I'm, like... having an epic battle with this wrapper.

...Epic Wrap Battle of History.



I'm just going to leave that typo there.

The lollipop tastes like EVERYTHING.
It's beautiful.

It tastes like the universe. And space and time.
And it does indeed taste like Rainbow Dash.

ou o

I'm going to draw Silas.
I think I already said that.

Did you know that there's something that rhymes with orange?


Orange sporange.

I'm getting tired of Knotting's face. But I have nothing else to switch the desktop background to.

I guess I'll finish this picture of my character alignment stuff.
Even though I said I was going to draw Silas.
I lied.

Now I want to draw Tau Three... //Dies
I just want to draw everyone.
But then I don't.
So then I draw no one.

Every time I don't ever feel like drawing anybody... I should draw Nobody.

That'd be awesome.

because like




because I didn't draw anybody

so like Nobody

and like

you know what nevermind.

I'm listening to Riddler who Won't Solve Riddles.
This song brings back horrible memories of sitting in front of the computer for hours on end trying to figure out the STUPID RIDDLE.


Okay, I'm done with this.
...I drew the lineart for like... half of someone's face and then I quit.

Maybe I don't feel like drawing right now.

x'D My aunt's commenting on another status I posted.
And she just liked her own comment.

I just started drawing Silas...
He's got the weirdest exressino on. Like, wut. xDD
I did not expect this.

It's an expression like, "That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life."

I don't know what to do with the rest of the drawing now. x'D What do I do?! I don't want to erase that beautiful expression on his face but I don't know what to do with it...
//Cries on the ground //laughing

Why do I still have my shoes on...?
//Throws shoes// Begone, you fools.

After this I'm going to draw Quinn and Milo. :D I'm looking forward to that. I miss them.

D: Silas thinks the clothes I drew for him are girly.
WELL TOO BAD. He'll just have to deal with it.

Now for Quinn and Milo. //Spazzes happily
I'll have to find music that fits each of them. :D

Hmmm... Maybe Relient K for Milo...

xDD Haha, perfect.

Okay, done with him. Now Quinn.

ouo Yaaaaaay~

They're half-brothers. I just gave them a last name now. -w- Quinn Fletcher and Milo Fletcher.
I'll probably start adding middle names more often too...

I have to go now. xD

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee PEASANTS~ =DDD

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!