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Daily Blog #280: Arts. And Remote Control.

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.


My family and I are going to start selling my own T-shirt designs soon, I think.

As I mighta mentioned before, my job with Shelley from *Clean* Funny Pics didn't work out. She's been having major problems with the advertising on her site (the advertiser dudes are being real idiots and saying she's doing illegal stuff even though she hasn't. They've put her on blacklists and stuff for NO REASON at all.) So she doesn't have money to pay me.

But anyway. I'm going to start selling things myself on Etsy.
I have three (and a half...?) pieces of art so far that I can sell; I just have to wait for my parents to list them.

But besides the simple artwork (and the T-shirts) I'm probably going to be doing cards, maybe epic paper dolls (paper dolls with weapons, armor, wizard clothing, etc. because normal paper dolls are too mainstream.) Maybe those little fold-up thingies like the ones I used to do.

Any suggestions? :D

For everything besides the T-shirts, I should be able to do requests. Requests will likely be a little more expensive. But I'll also have a family/friends discount.
So it might be... like... anywhere between $5 to $15 for a print of one of my normal pieces of art, which are on regular-size, thick sheets of paper.
For an original, much more expensive, like maybe $20 or even more. (Yes, people DO pretty often pay this much for stuff.)

So yeah. IF ANYONE HAS ANY INTEREST IN THIS AT ALLLL, TELL MEH. xD Feel free to ask me questions or give suggestions n' stuff.
I need money, man. xD Or else I won't be able to go to drama camp this year... D'x





AAAAAAH I'm finally making some headway on that stupid part of A/O that I have to rewrite.
...I haven't actually gotten back to writing yet. xDD But I'm planning it out this time, and it's turning out well.


Oh, hey. I'm memorizing the Japanese lyrics to Remote Control. :D

L R L R stop & dash & up & talk B B A B S...

It's hard. xD
But since I can sing in both a girl's voice and a boy's voice I might do a cover or something.

I REALLY WANT FL STUDIO. I can't actually DO covers (or any music with vocals) without that. Because I need that to fuse my voice with the instrumentals I write in my computer.
And I sort of need some other mic too... I HATE the microphone on this laptop... Dx IT SOUNDS SOOO. HORRIBLE.

o3o What's confusing me about this song is that in the subtitles there are some syllables that ARE NOT Japanese syllables... "fi", mainly.
I don't know how they want me to pronounce that one. And I can't hear it clearly enough in the video.



I should write. xD
But I only ever feel like writing late at night... T^T

Nobody's ever online anymore... I haven't been able to talk to my best friends much in the past few days for who knows what reason, and my grounded friend hasn't come back yet and apparently isn't even allowed to just pop online real quick to tell me how long she'll be gone...

Dx I'm lonely...

I'm going to post this, I guess. I have nothing else to write.
Maybe I'll just go watch Durarara.


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