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Daily Blog #277: Anselm is not amused.

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

Hiiiii. :D
My English is having me read some short stories.
This one's about a lady who wants stuff.
I'm so descriptive. xD

I think short stories are stupid cuz they take out everything that makes a story fun, like character development.
Dx Oh well.

xDDD The best thing ever just happened.

I'm RPing with Amber, and I'm using Anselm, the antagonist I made just for that RP.
Basically, Anselm has a bunch of magical items in his pockets, and Amber is trying to get them away from him. (There's also a bit of an awkward romance between Anselm and Amber. xD)
But anyway, Amber managed to pickpocket Anselm (very un-secretly) and she just kind of started laughing crazily and rolling around on the floor and Anselm, just, like... Complete underreaction. xD I described it as //Just stares at her, tired of her shenanigans//


Look at him. He's so... Unamused.

I just put Shiro's name in one of those stupid "Try ur name in Japanese" things... And I ended up with Aririkishimo Rinkimemomiriki.
x'DD SAY THAT. It sounds so funny.

Last night I was, like, all sad and stuff, cuz most of my friends weren't showing up and one who was there randomly disappeared, and Facebook said another one was online all day but she actually wasn't. (FB does that a lot to her.)
And I had schoolwork and my parents were yelling at me a lot and yeah.
But anyway, I just randomly turned on Remote Control...
And for some reason it made me SO HAPPY. xDDD
It's not even one of my favorite Vocaloid songs or anything. IT JUST MADE ME SO HAPPY TO LISTEN TO RIGHT THEN FOR SOME REASON.
Yeah. xDDD

I should go now. xD



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