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Daily Blog #276: I dunno. xD

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.


I have a papercut. ;.;

xD Hi.

I'm drawing a little Alpha One. :D Like, twelve years old.
He's performing his psychology experiments on a kitty. Except the kitty isn't cooperating. ouo

Neither is my hand... I can't draw anymore. xD


I finished Howl's Moving Castle last night.

Y'all need to read it. Now.

But watch the Miyazaki movie first, because I think people who watched the movie first tend to like the book more then than they usually would...
I dunno. The book would certainly feel different if you haven't watched the movie...

The ending didn't really seem that great to me, is the only thing... I felt like it ended a little too fast. And the romance between Howl and Sophie seemed a little... I dunno. Fake. Like the author kind of forced it a bit.
I dunno. xD

Howl is so wonderful though. I don't even. xD
He's a drama queen.

I'm bored. xD
No, not really.

OH I SHOULD WRITE NOW. xD Even though I usually only do that in the evenings.

I made a character specifically for Amber's and my RP.
I accidentally made him kind of awesome. xD
I can't ever use him again though because he'll likely be killed at the end of the RP. Cuz he's a bad guy.
Oh well. xD

My hand reeeaaally won't cooperate right now. xD No more drawing I guess.

I'm going to give Katsu a little bit of a redesign. I created him over a year ago and his outfit is just... not good. xD
First of all... I was bad at designing clothes. I couldn't really do anything clevah because I wasn't clevah yet...
Second of all, I designed him for an ANIMATED story, since Alpha/Omega was supposed to be an FN series...
Have you ever tried to animate someone with complex clothing?

xD So I just gave him an ultra-boring outfit and yeah.

So basically, I think I've finally figured out how to get motivation/inspiration for writing. :D

When I start neglecting my book, I need to actually /read/ a book. I noticed that reading Howl's Moving Castle was doing a lot to help me want to write again.
Also, I need to RP in novel style. It kind of helps me restore my faith in my own writing because I think I tend to remember my writing as much worse than it actually is. xD
Also, if I'm doing it with someone who's as good a writer as Sarah, I get to take notes on how that person writes and stuff.
Sarah's really really really good. xD
Well, she's seven years older than me, first of all, and she's got an English major.
But compared to normal people with an English major... she's still really really really good. xDD

I just greeted my friend with "Give me all yo pizza"
And she's like "I don't got no pizza woman"
I told her she should use commas. "I don't got no pizza, woman" is different from "I don't got no pizza woman"

I want a pizza woman. Sounds tasty.


//Reading Alpha/Omega
My writing really isn't as good as I thought I didn't remember it.

When you look at my blog entry from the group page, is my icon missing? Cuz when I look at it (and a couple other people's blogs, like Comet's) it says "No image."

I'm redrawing Katsu now.
I haven't drawn a serious picture of him in a loooong time... xDD
Which is really sad because he's the main protagonist...

Nobody Cares About Katsu.

I actually like Katsu a lot more than I used to. I used to think he was a mistake.
But he's my character so it's impossible for me not to love him... xD

That doesn't mean I have to care about him though.



Okay. I finished redesigning him.
He looks better now. :D

I'm hungry.

Now I'm eating peach yogurt.

I'm going to try to get myself to write now. xD

I've been working on that ten-hour loop. I've listened to almost seven hours of it now.
Aaalllmmoooossstttt tttthhhhheeeeeerrrrrreeeeeee...
I am soooo tired of this song. xDDD Even though it's like the most beautiful thing in the world.
It's the most beautiful thing in the world until it's been repeated about twelve dozen times.

uuuugggggghhhhhh I so need to edit this book
all of it
every single word

My friend isn't showing up. ;.;
I haven't really been able to talk to her because of restriction...
But now I'm off and she's not here. Dx

I think from now on, I'm going to highlight all of the important words so that my speech looks like a video game.
If you've played Wind Waker, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Like, almost every noun or something is highlighted as if it were important. Not just when people are giving instructions, but when they're just talking casually too.
Like the guy who makes the figurines in Forest Haven. At one point he casually mentions the material he supposedly uses to build the figurines, and it highlights it like "Rainbow stone" as if it's an item.

And I was like, "Will this dude give me rainbow stone if I collect all the figurines?"
And yeah. xD
Oh. I actually
got all of the figurines in that game. :D My brother and I worked together to get them.
Basically, he took pictures of the NPC's, and I took pictures of the monsters.

Okay, I'm done with that now. Wind Waker is ridiculous sometimes. xDD

But you get something pretty awesome if you collect all the figurines... hurrhurrhurr... If you haven't done that then you really should. ewe

My friend and I are having the exact same debate as before. xDD Except a different situation.
Basically, we're RPing, and we say something in reference to something that happened before... And the other one of us is like
"Wait no... They were standing." (Or sitting.)
I won this time though because I showed her that part of the RP and her character was clearly standing... xD
Last time though she still didn't believe me because I said my character was "limp" and she insisted that I meant "standing in a limp position."
And I'm like...

They were sitting.



I'm finally telling my friend that her character's a serious Mary Sue. xD

blehh I'm so tired of everythin
I wanna write
but I don't
cuz mah writing sucks
and my eyes don't wanna stare at the computer anymore
friend disappeared
song is annoying
more frozen references
such frustration
much lonely

I'm listening to Bad Apple now. It's making it better. xD

I blocked the post about Frozen. That's what I'm always going to do from now on. xDD

I can draw again now. Yay.
My little Alpha is so cute. I want to hug him. xDD

The Internet died. ;-;

Okay, it's back now.

OH YAY Someone else is online. :D

I'm getting serenaded by an ice cream truck.
Seriously, though. Around here they don't drive down your street and then leave.
They park.
Right outside your window.
And scream nursery tunes until the end of time.

I should post this cuz I've been ignoring it and it's getting late. xD


(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!