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Daily Blog #268: Nuuuu sparklez.

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.


I'm also at Sarah's house. She's helping me study again. -w-
I got to choose which two hours today during which to have my computer break. That's why I'm here so early.

I was just dealing with this jerk member of the Flipnote Hatena group I'm an admin of on FB. (Actually, I think I might be the only active admin on there anymore.)
But he was posting swear words and junk, and the great Austin Burk highlighted to him the description of the group that says "Please keep it clean."
So they argued about it for a little while before I got online (Austin was ultra mature about it, and the jerk is... well... a jerk xD) and then I gave the jerk a warning, informing him that I'm the admin of the group and can ban him.
He argued with me about it some more, like "Why's it need to be clean, are people here really such big babies?"
And I'm sitting over here laughing at him.
If he comments again arguing about it or swearing, I'm giving him a good solid warning, and if he does it again he's banned. xD

Stupid people make me laugh. They don't even bug me.

I ain't even bovvered.

I was just tagged in a totally weird post. xD

Oh... Okay then.
I was just cursed to become a vampire blobfish forever.

Oh well. Just as long as I don't sparkle.



I have to go now. xDD


(D.J. Evans)

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