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Over-Analysis of Riddles

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Right. So

Now that I've realized there's a whole nother part to Riddle Solver... I'm going to try to figure out this mystery once and for all.

Here I'm about to analyze every SINGLE stupid line of the two videos:

The Riddle Solver who Can't Solve Riddles --

The Riddler who Won't Solve Riddles --

As you might have figured already, I'm going to refer to the first one as Riddle Solver and the second one as Riddler. (Even though it can translate to "riddle solver" or "riddler" in EITHER song.)


The first song is spoken (sung?) from Len's point of view (although the narrating goes third-person sometimes.)


♪The first mystery is why he was alone in his room
Drinking a poisoned bottle of wine?

Victim #1, this dude... I've already finished analyzing the second video, and I have a theory about him... But that's later...

Silently listening to the one-armed detective speak
The detective continued in front of the girl
The reason is simple, at that point in time
He was destined to

The font (both the Japanese and the translated subs) does go red there. I'm assuming it's because it's dialogue, but then it doesn't do that every time Len speaks...
Forget it, I don't think it's a big deal.
But "destined to die"... As I note later, people think the "poison" metaphorically refers to natural death, so yeah, "destined."

So, who is the culprit?
You know the answer to that question
Because it all happened
In front of your eyes

Riddler notes that Rin was blindfolded. Did it all really happen in front of her eyes? Riddler ALSO notes that everything Len says, in this video, might have been a lie (and that there are "factual errors".) So perhaps Rin was blindfolded as Len killed everyone and Len is lying about her seeing it cuz he's a liar and yeah.
(Rin didn't know that it was Len who blindfolded her until later, so at this point Rin might not know that he's the killer.)

So, who is the culprit?
Even if you don't say the answer
I will answer it for you
The way this crime will end

Riddler implies that Len is "cursed" to answer this mystery.

The second mystery is, why did they fall into the ocean?
And was the culprit really among them?

The true "culprit" I believe is neither Len or Rin. Keep this other third dude in mind.

The girl grabs the knife hidden inside her pocket
The detective doesn't realize this and continues talking

If you pay attention to both videos, Rin has quite a love for butter knives.
What? Just sayin. xD

The one fatal mistake in my plan
Was the other detective that was dragged into this

I have trouble telling who's speaking here: Rin or Len. It shows Rin's mouth moving with the last words, but everything else implies that it's Len... //Sighs//
I believe it's Len though. Or it could be both/either.

So, who is the culprit?
The detective easily hits it out of her hand
The girl's last resort

(To disprove some theories, I think he did this with his left arm. Look at the picture carefully.
Here you can also see Rin grabbing his coat sleeve in her fist and pulling off the jacket...


So, who is the culprit?
Come, the name of the person in front of you

...revealing his right arm which actually ISN'T missing... but is messed up; some think with blood from the murder, but I think actually from burns (implied in Riddler.))

Say my name!

I really
Did not want you to find out
I will be merciful
Hurry, if you want to run then run away quickly...

So, who is the culprit?
There may be more than one answer to this question
But the means to confirm that answer is about to disappear
So, who is the culprit?
Come, if you don't hurry up
My hands are going to kill you
You don't have much time

Len doesn't really want to kill Rin because she's his sister, and Rin doesn't want to accuse Len of being the murderer for the same reason.

This here might be part of why people believe there are two Lens. Len, in this frame, has no blood/burns/whatever on his arm and his eyes look more innocent than practically everywhere else in this part of the video.


I don't think it actually means anything... The missing blood could just be a mistake. They're never really that prominent in the first place...

So, who is the culprit?
You know the answer to that question
Because everything happened in front of your eyes
So, who is the culprit?
The person standing in front of you
Come, say that person's name
My name!

The Riddler who Won't Solve Riddles.

Rin actually has eyebrows in this video. That's an improvement.



This first part is actually said by neither Rin or Len, but the true "culprit." That's why Rin's voice isn't heard. (And also, if you look closely at the little bit you can see, mainly face shape, you can tell it's not Rin.)


"I told him I was going to do the killing."
"But his face changed color and he insisted that he was going to play the role as the detective."
"He played the part well didn't he?"
"I'm sure it's because he has the thought stuck in his head that"
"He needs to 'atone for his sins'..."

Why do you always insist on getting yourself hurt
And think that you could protect someone like that?

Len is protecting the true culprit.

In the beginning, it was you
Who blind-folded me wasn't it?

Maybe Len didn't want her to see the murders cuz it's traumatic. //Shrugs//

There were actually two wine glasses weren't there.

Referring to the poisoned wine glass used to kill that first dude in Riddle Solver.

Even if he didn't die by 'poison'
He would've eventually died by the 'knife'

People say that "poison" refers to a quite, natural death, and "knife" is a painful murder by man.
Literally though I think means that if Len-- who was the one to put the poison in the wineglass-- hadn't done so, or if the poison had failed, Rin would have killed the man with a knife. (Butter knives! Woo~!)
Or maybe Rin was the one to put the poison in the wineglass, and Len switched it with an unpoisoned wineglass.

I will solve the riddle in your place
I won't let the crime end this way
Let me undo this rusted curse
A curse put on by a mean culprit

I don't know if the "curse" is a literal curse, or if it was some form of an unbreakable promise, but whatever the case... Len promised someone, or was cursed by someone, to solve the riddle. Rin refuses to "let the crime end this way" and takes his place.

At this point of the song-- People are saying that there are two Lens. One is innocent, one is a murder; one has two arms, the other has one missing.
Something like that...
I can understand, because after watching a couple billion times, I notice a very significant change in Len here.

I can only think that,
Everything you said was a lie

Len looks a bit more evil in this part of the video, and he looks like he has the "missing" arm (not like you can tell if he has his coat on, that big liar.)
Oh, and in the background, it shows two screenshots from Riddle Solver, which means that the words Rin is saying-- "I can only think that everything you said was a lie"-- refers to Len's monologues in Riddle Solver.
So how many lies are there in Riddle Solver?

Were you really the "detective" in that crime?
Here the video kind of flashes between Len with his coat and Len without his coat. It's weird. But this might be referring to the fact that there are indeed two Lens.
And, Len without his coat looks a little more evil. Watch his eyes.

Even though you say that
It's done because it's in the past
What's making you so anxious?


He could only kill them one by one, but still couldn't be the culprit

I don't know if this "he" here refers to Len or the other mysterious "somebody" I mentioned earlier. Probably the "somebody" because the rest of the song, including the very next line, talks to Len in second person. So yeah.

I will whisper it in your ear
Before I accidentally kill you

Knife~ hurrhurrhurrhurrhurr

I will solve you and your riddle
"The atrocious culprit is...
Not you!"

Which means the culprit could only be two other people, Rin or that Somebody.

That arm you saved me with
Was used to play the piano. If I had known that
Would I have not taken...?

The house that Rin was in was on fire. Len saved her, but in the process greatly injured his arm. THIS is why his arm is all messed up in Riddle Solver, NOT because it was covered in blood from him murdering someone.

...I will cast upon another riddle
If a person who can solve this riddle appears
I will trap that person inside this story
"To our world"

//Beautiful music box music ensues
Oh, sorry to ruin that adorable scene there where Len and Rin are lying on the ground adorably...
But notice there are two knocked-over wineglasses next to them as well. I think they're, like, dead.


And then the true culprit silently speaks again.

"In order for this story to end, everybody must die"
"You don't want it to end? You want to solve it?"
"...But this riddle is filled with so much factual errors"

HERE THERE IS A FLASH. A very unnoticeable flash. If you pause it just at the right time, you can read the words:


I don't know if these are "factual errors." Because all except the last one fit in with the theory I'm forming. //Sigh

"There's no chance of you solving it"

Okay, I've been writing the story down there for like two or three hours now and it's hard... So it gets a little whacked out because I sorta gave up. xD At least it can explain practically everything though...
Now my theories are a lot different from what I've been saying... xD OH WELL. WHATEVS MAN.
No, it doesn't make sense at all. xD

We'll refer to the true "culprit", who is neither Rin nor Len, as their father. I'm guessing this because the person in the burned photos in Riddler vaguely appears to be their father, and he looks the same as [the true culprit] who is speaking at the beginning and the end of Riddler.


The father wanted to kill the group of people who were within the mansion. Reluctantly, Len promised that he would play the role of the detective and protect his father with lies.

The next morning, Len and his father stood outside the mansion which everyone was in, as the father lit it on fire. An impostor Len ran in and saved Rin because he was in love with her, but badly burnt his right arm in the process. Rin thinks that this is the real Len.

Rin eventually realized that Len was trying to protect their father by being the "detective," and she swore to expose or kill the father. She hired the impostor Len, a supposedly one-armed detective, to kill him. She didn't know this was the Len who'd saved her.

The real Len refused to let Rin expose their father, so he was considering killing her. Rin also was going to kill Len. However, Rin asks herself how much she loves him-- if she'd known how important the pianist Len's arm really was to him, would she have let him injure it by saving her?

(Preeetty sure everything after this didn't actually happen, it's all just me trying to make sense out of it all... But whatevs... xD)
Rin had the impostor Len give the father a bottle of poisoned wine. The real Len, however, tried to switch it with normal wine. But when he attempted this, the impostor Len cut off the real Len's arm, blindfolding Rin so she wouldn't see. Rin says that even if the original Len had succeeded, she'd still have killed the father with a knife.

Rin realized that the impostor Len was smart enough to truly solve the mystery and perhaps expose Rin as being a murderer. She pulled a knife on the impostor Len and was about to kill him. When he suddenly deflects the knife, she grabs his coat and it falls off, revealing a blood-covered arm.

The impostor Len is, in fact, a second culprit. He killed the real Len. Rin still isn't sure whether this is the real Len or the impostor, so she refuses to say his name and expose him.

And then the impostor Len kills them both with poisoned wine and they all die happily ever after I AM SO BLOBBING DONE WITH THIS UGH.


//Slams door in everyone's faces


(D.J. Evans)

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