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Daily Blog #233: So much music. And so little at the same time. xD

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.


I'm not happy.

Like... Things change, I guess...



Hi. What's up?

I don't really have a lot to talk about at the moment.

I finally cleaned up my desktop. xD It's all nice now. I can actually see the picture that I have as the wallpaper.

So... It's been over a month since I last wrote in Alpha/Omega. //Shrieks//
It's like... I hit a part where I don't have the dialogue all sorted out in my head... And... I just stopped...? I hope this doesn't happen often. ;.;
But last night I started working on the prequel. Not actually writing it, just the dialogue planning, but it's almost the same. Maybe I'll get myself motivated again to work on the original book if I do this for a while. xD

OMAIGAWSH. I thought of the bestest plot twist ever yesterday... xD
Well, no, maybe not the best, because there are quite a lot of good plot twists... ehehe... >w>
xDD But it's pretty good... I think...
It's weird. xD

I'm randomly going to go read Stories of the Epic World-- //Goes to Google Drive//

That was fun. I'm proud of my writing there. For some reason I can write better when I'm writing Stories of the Epic World than when I'm writing Alpha/Omega.
As in, like... I don't cringe at every sentence.
Bleh. xDDD

...I've officially listened to one hour of this 10-hour loop. I'm going to go insane before I finish but it's a challenge. xD

It's actually very good... Just not when you listen to it for eternity because the song's only like 40 seconds long... xDD Oh well.
Actually, I think other people will have different opinions.
Whatever. Here it is. owo

It's wonderful the first time around, and then it got really old for me. xD Oh well.

I don't really have all that much else to type. -w-

Baibai. owo


(D.J. Evans)

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