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Daily Blog #225: FUDGE!!! ...I mean, actual fudge. I wasn't swearing...

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

Today wasn't actually way too bad. :D
And it was enough of a break for me to be able to focus on schoolwork again today. xD I got like... four times as much done as usual. :D

And now my parents are talking about taking my computer away. That's nice.


Well, I hope I'm able to focus from now on. e.e


GAH there's no one online. e.e And I had no notifications when I came onto Hatena Blog.
And only three notifications when I got onto Facebook. Two were messages in the chatrooms that weren't worth answering and were from forever ago, and one was a request to be added into the Flipnote group (a group I'm an admin of.)

I feel so lonely. xD

I'm actually RPing with someone at the moment, so it's not that bad. x3
...She can't seem to decide between using second-person and third-person when she's talking about my character, though. xDD Oh well.

I'm eating yogurt... stuff. And fudge. :D
And I'm trying to get myself motivated to work on my picture. xD
And I'm listening to the Bad Apple music box version.
And I think Bonewaltz is about to get killed by the person I'm RPing with. xDD

My cat just totally crawled onto my shoulder. ewe She does that.
She's sho cuuuuute.
And now she is literally lying on top of my fudge.
That's nice.

//Picks up cat
//Rescues fudge//
//Puts cat back

xD Now she's on her back in my lap all purring and stuff.
And now she's trying to step on everything on my desk.
And now she's on my lap again.

I need to draw. I have, like... 30 characters on my picture now.
//Counts// Yep, thirty. x3

And I still have space for like twenty more. xD This is fun.

So, like...
I just saw a picture of a zebra with a taco for a body.
That's totally normal.


Fudge is tasty. xD

I have all of my favorites OCs on here already. I don't really know who else to- OH. Lazallra.
He's a super-duper old character but he deserves to be here because he's epic. >w<

And now I'm out of fudge... ;.;
//World ends

Someone's being all amazed over my talents. xD
//Cough// This happens every time I meet someone new because I'm just that amazing //cough//


It's really fun. I don't know if anyone thinks badly of me for it, and it's probably not a good thing to do...
...Like I've said before, though, people who are full of themselves are better than people who constantly self-criticize and stuff. x3

Especially if they're like me and they really ARE fabulous...

xD I'm weird.

And I can't really think of any more characters I want to add. e.e I've got all the good ones already. x3

And I have to go now. e.e

Baibai. LUFF CHU~

(D.J. Evans)

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