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Daily Blog #208: So Many Inside Jokes.

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

I'm changing my blog name back. Mom looked up the word "derp" and absolutely could not find the definition I was told.
So... I guess those guys were, like, trying to start something and make it mean something else.
I don't know.


I'm eating Spaghetti-Os. oUo

xD Guess whut.

If you've been on Facebook lately (and maybe some other social media sites) you might have noticed there's all the Zimbio personality quizzes going around.

I took the Once Upon a Time quiz, and I got Hook.
The description is:

Rebellious, sexy, and passionate with everything to live for and nothing to lose. You live life in the fast lane and you're a lone wolf. You don't like to choose sides, but if you had to choose, you'd choose the winning side-- I mean, wouldn't everyone?

And then I tried again with completely different answers, and I got Hook.

Well then.

Not that I mind being him. -w-


The thing about choosing the winning side is wrong, though... If I have no personal opinion, I occasionally tend to choose the one that's losing... xDD

Hey guys. =D
The anniversary edition of LoZ Four Swords is free in the Nintendo EShop on 3DS for a few days. ^.^ I got it.
Even though I already have both Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures, and will probably never get a chance to play this one. xD
Then again, I might play it with Abby sometime. :D We've never gotten a chance to play FS together.


DX Blaghlgfajjabasjfjkaf. Tomorrow's my last day without restriction.
I'm not, like... WAAAAYYYYYYY too incredibly behind...
Enough for it to make restriction a few days, though. ;-;

I drew another Random Chaos thingy.
This one is almost all inside jokes though. xDDD


...Twogami needs to go back into the closet of nightmares. //Throws him back in//

I have some drawings of my characters I need to do.
One girl wanted to see what Gamma Nine and 360 look like. And Nightwish Neko wants to see Alpha One with glasses.


I drew Gamma Nine but the picture doesn't look quite right... ;-;


So last night I went on Chibi Maker and gave a character all of my favorite things.
White hair, trench coat, glasses (even though they ended up being sunglasses...)
This is what happened.


Look at him. He's so awesome.
I might give him even more awesome things, like a sword and wings and
//Dies again//

xD Ok, I'm done.

I should be doing something other than RPing all day.
That's what I've been spending my time on lately. ;-;

I should write.
But I don't feel like it.


I seem to die a lot on Hatena Blog.

//Dies again//


I got 32 subscribers again. xDD

Shelley Broadway-- owner of *Clean* Funny Pics, whom I mentioned before--
She liked my D.J. Evans page. =D I didn't even show her/tell her about my page. She found it herself. xDD
She's been making me feel really special.

*Cough* That's because I AM special.

That's all, I think.

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!