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OH LOOK IT'S A THING. About Shiro-kun. Hehehe.

Ok, so NaNoWriMo had this character filler-outer thingy. It can help you to get to know your characters (plus it's just fun. owo For me, anyway.) So I filled it out with... Guess which character. xDD Yeah.
I'm just posting this for no particular reason at all. I don't even know why...

1. Name: Shiro Mikochi   :DDD

2. Age: 16

3. Height: 5'8"
And weight: 107 lb.

4. Eye color: Deep green   My favorite colorrrr~

5. Physical appearance: Soft blonde hair that falls over his face; thin, wiry body; round, childlike face

6. Strange or unique physical attributes: Very skinny? //Shrugs// He gets cold easily. And can be destroyed in like two hits...
Whatever, he's not good with physical. xD

7. Favorite clothing style/outfit: Anything soft/comfortable that has buttons, especially white clothing. He always wears his bandana.

8. Where does he live? What is it like there? His uncle's tower in Takai City. It's a friendly, beautiful city. Everyone lives in towers, and everywhere are flowers and artistic things.  Ehehe, it's my favorite town I've ever designed.

9. Defining gestures/movements: Sometimes tilting his head when listening to someone or thinking deeply     HE'S SO ADORABLE WHEN HE DOES THAT.

10. Things about his appearance he would most like to change: He doesn't care what he looks like

11. Speaking style: Tends to switch between energetic/soft

12. Pet peeves: None    Nothing annoys him. Ever. xD

13. Fondest memory: Realizing he loves Alice    D'aaaawwwww <3

14. Hobbies/interests: Magic, adventuring, botany
Botany? Yes, I said botany.
His uncle's a botanist, so I suppose Shiro got it from him. xD

15. Special skills/abilities: Elemental magic; he's also very quick and acrobatic

16. Insecurities: Spoilers sweetie.

17. Quirks/eccentricities: All
Yes I just said that.

18. Temperament: Usually very easygoing and optimistic, but can get depressed when things don't go well for a very long amount of time. There are also certain things that depress him.

19. Negative traits: Self-doubting      
Nuuuuuuuu ;-;

20. Things that upset him: Dark rooms and anything to do with insanity or death.
Also when people worry about him.

21. Things that embarrass him: None    Hehe.

22. This character is highly opinionated about: Fixed points in the universe   Like the Doctor...

23. Any phobias? None
Nothing irrational anyway.

24. Things that make him or her happy: Cute things or beautiful things i.e. sunshine, flowers, Alice

25. Family: Spoilers spoilers and then He lives with his father's cousin's cousin, Daisuke, whom Shiro casually calls his uncle.

26. Deepest, darkest secret: Spoilers.

27. Reason he kept this secret for so long: So many spoilers. xD

28. Other people's opinions of this character: Almost everyone likes him very much because he's pleasant to be around, he's uplifting, and he cares/listens.
Some others *cough* Raibaru *cough* think he's annoying or never serious enough.

29. Favorite bands/songs/type of music: All, particularly woodwinds and singing

30. Favorite movies: They don't got no movies in 700 A.D.

31. Favorite TV shows: Asdfghjkl

32. Favorite books: Anything adventurous

33. Favorite foods: Banana cake! He'll eat anything happily enough though. Have you ever given Shiro both sugar and caffeine?

34. Favorite sports/sports teams: None

35. Political views: None //Shrugs//

36. Religion/philosophy of life: His religion is the main religion of the country, the four deities of Densetsu:
The Black Dragon and the White Dove, who... guided the humans to Densetsu/protects them/some carp like that. I SAID CARP
The goddess of no name, who created those two gods, the world, everyone's spirits and the universe *cough* THAT'S ME *cough*
and Jehovah, the God above all gods, who created the goddess and inspired her to create her universe.
Yes that's right.
Shiro also believes that the universe can't/shouldn't be messed with, and that past events shouldn't be changed.

37. Physical health: He gets sick easily. Mental/emotional stress also tends to very much affect him physically. Also, being a magic user is straining.

38. Dream vacation: Wonderland! That was the best RP ever to exist...

39. Description of his house: Three-story stone brick tower. The inside is comfortable~

40. Description of his bedroom: It's the height of two stories, with a loft bed (The bed can be easily brought down to the floor.) Six windows, blue carpet (and the floor is usually a mess.)

41. Any pets? Not really... Daisuke's two cart-pulling horses. I should name those.

42. Best thing that has ever happened to this character: Meeting Alice
//Dies from adorableness overload//

43. Worst thing that has ever happened to this character: Spoilers sweetie...
*Cough* Although, this RP with Amber has gotten pretty close. Hmmm...

44. Superstitions: None

45. Three words to describe this character: Optimistic, caring, and spoilers.

46. If a song played every time this character walked into the room, what song would it be?
No ideaaaaaaaaaaaa ~(o-o)~ asdfghjklgfhskdfjsdbjsdbfjskdbfjdafkafvncbmdvbcmdbvdm vmdsbjvbs,dvbsdjvbsdjvsfjdvbjhvbfdjbjsfhgejfbleiugeuqasdfghjklqwertyuiozxcbnmpoiutewq gbfesjkfbhsghkdgbfdsjhfudsgfjbfkrgyekwgowegewfhuehfbhewigfewkgfebfjeksgfbjdfjdskfhruesgfskdbajf

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!