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Oh look. My brain made another one. o-o
Just ignore me. xD

Awesomal Chatroom of Rainbows and Banana Cake!


Freakout Abnormal:

Phi Awesomegirl: Freak? Who added you to this convo?

Freakout Abnormal: I DON’T KNOW GAAAAAAH

Phi Awesomegirl: Weirdo…


Phi Awesomegirl: Oh good, someone normal. How’re you, Psi Thirteen?

Psi Thirteen: I’m well, thank you. How are you? OUO

Phi Awesomegirl: Good. Ehehe.

Psi Thirteen: hhehehh

Phi Awesomegirl: Ahahahahah

TheGreat Nicky: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phi Awesomegirl: EEK *hides*

Milo LikesIceCream: Oh yay peoples! :DDD Ello.

Freakout Abnormal left the conversation.

Milo LikesIceCream:

Phi Awesomegirl: It’s for the best.

Milo LikesIceCream: Kay.

Chance OfFate: Da heck am I doing here?


Medea Rose: Oh hay, so my chatroom didn’t die.

Drinn TheDramaticGirl: My Medea, something of yours could never be fated to die. Your family name is ill-suited; nothing in your name fades like the rose.

Chance OfFate: I don’t believe in Fate.

Medea Rose: ...

Chance OfFate:

Alpha One: Am I still here?

Pen Antonettu: Yes, Alpha One. I believe we have both met the same unfortunate fate.

Chance OfFate: Blagh.

Milo LikesIceCream: Don’t mention Fate around the atheist~

Pen Antonettu: Fun fact, gentlemen. Did you know that the good Evans-chan inserts a goddess named “Fate” in a large number of her stories?

Milo LikesIceCream: No kidding. Tell meh more. ~(@u@)~

Pen Antonettu: Only if you make me a cup of tea.

Phi Awesomegirl: *pours tea on Pen’s head*

Pen Antonettu: Demon. //Unsheathes katana//

Phi Awesomegirl: o3o EEK
I mean… BRING IT!!! YOU WEIRD PERSON-THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kawako Kappa: Now, my dear Pen, that’s not very civilized. We are in a chat room of dignity.

Pen Antonettu: This “chat room of dignity,” as you call it, has a ridiculously carefree and grammatically incorrect name and is overrun by persons of low intellect.

Alpha One: That was rash, Pen.

Pen Antonettu: Now, now, I wasn’t referring to everyone.

Elekna TheGorgeous: MY LOVELY CHAAAAAAANCE!!!!!!! I’M HERE NOOOOOOWWW!!!!!! TEEHEE~<3 *Pulls out knife*

Chance OfFate: This message has been marked inappropriate.

Chance OfFate left the conversation.

Milo LikesIceCream:
Hm, censored.I wonder what he said.

Elekna TheGorgeous: Probably how happy he was to see me~ Bahaha *kisses Psi’s cheek*

Psi Thirteen: *flails around* HHEHHEHHEHEHHEHHE

Milo LikesIceCream: Is it just me or is this conversation starting to get a bit weird

Psi Thirteen: *rattles chains*

Medea Rose: Princess Elekna, you’re trying to start a long-distance relationship with a mentally insane member of the Otraken who probably doesn’t even understand the concept of romantic love.

Psi Thirteen: ? *Grins confusedly*

Elekna TheGorgeous: Yes, Medea. I am. Hehehe <3

TheHandsome Fearslayer: FANGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRLS!!!!!!!! *Strikes a pose*

Phi Awesomegirl: o[]o THE ZODIAC FEARSLAYER!!!!! *Faints*

TheHandsome Fearslayer: *Catches*

Medea Rose: *Facepalm*

Lyesti Dwineplith: *Brohoof*

Psi Thirteen: /)

TheGreat Nicky: (\

Milo LikesIceCream: Wat just happened

Phi Awesomegirl: I don’t know, but Psi Thirteen knows what a brohoof is. I’m scared now.

TheHandsome Fearslayer: There is something incredibly wrong with bronies. It’s simply not manly. Quite the opposite.

Lyesti Dwineplith: I like brownies!

Medea Rose: He said bronies

Milo LikesIceCream: You don’t like bronies? Fine… I’ll just… sit over here in the lonely corner… *Sniff*

TheHandsome Fearslayer: o-e

Psi Thirteen: Hehe bronies.

Elekna TheGorgeous: BRONIES ARE HAWT

Milo LikesIceCream: Just wat even… Wat

Medea Rose: Let’s move on to another subject, shall we?

Knotting TheScotsman: Hello, ladies and gentlemen. For your information, I have read through the entire conversation so far and have deemed it fit for me to join. //Smiles//

Phi Awesomegirl: *faints again*

Knotting TheScotsman: //Stares at Phi Awesomegirl// …Is she alright?

TheHandsome Fearslayer: She’s perfectly fine. *Picks up the young beautiful girl*

Phi Awesomegirl: Heheheeeee… <3

Knotting TheScotsman: Right then.

Gamma Nine: I extend my greetings to this rather aberrant compilation of human beings.

Kawako Kappa: And kappa spirits.

Gamma Nine: And kappa spirits.

Phi Awesomegirl: GAMMA NINE!!!!! o//u//o

Gamma Nine: Hello, Phi Nine. Enlighten me of your intended purpose of the blushing emoticon.

Phi Awesomegirl: Wait wait, blushing emoticon? No, I didn’t just do that. e-e I’m serious. It’s not like I have a crush on you too, and stuff.

Medea Rose: Heh, I’m starting to like this conversation.

Milo LikesIceCream: I’m not.

Gamma Nine: I am utterly bewildered at our present moment.

Elekna TheGorgeous: BROOOOOOOOOONIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~<3

Pen Antonettu: Elekna-hime, we’ve moved on from that subject.

Gamma Nine: Bronies…? What are those?

Medea Rose: @Gamma Nine:You don’t want to know.

Deejay YouseGonnaDie: >8T  i hate poniez.

Magical Poke: o-o

Phi Awesomegirl: OHMYGOSHIE SHIROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333333333

Milo LikesIceCream: Shiro, I have a question for you. Are you a brony?

Magical Poke: ……………

Milo LikesIceCream: I KNEW IT, HE’S A BRONY TOO XDDD /)

Magical Poke: (\

TheGreat Nicky: I’m scared of ponies.

TheHandsome Fearslayer: I don’t know which is less manly, loving little pink ponies or being afraid of them.

Magical Poke: They’re not all pink…

Psi Thirteen: Hhehehhehe

Alpha One: This conversation is damaging my dignity to the extreme

Gamma Nine: Then maybe you ought to leave. I’m considering my possible desertion of this chat room as well.

Lyesti Dwineplith: Q_Q Dont leave, gamma nine, your cool! Even though I cant understand a word your saying!

Gamma Nine: //Eye twitches at spelling and punctuation errors//

Alpha One:

Milo LikesIceCream:

Medea Rose:

Elekna TheGorgeous: BRONIES ARE HAWT

Alpha One: My dear goddess of Densetsu, I need to get out of here.

Gamma Nine: So do I. Farewell.

Gamma Nine left the conversation.

Phi Awesomegirl:

TheHandsome Fearslayer: Worry not, young girl, you’ll see him again soon~

Phi Awesomegirl: Ehehehehe eue

Alpha One: I keep staying online in hopes that the conversation becomes more intelligent.

Medea Rose: Sorry, angel dude, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Milo LikesIceCream: Nope not really

Elekna TheGorgeous changed the conversation name to: The Princess Elekna Fan Club<3.

Medea Rose:

Milo LikesIceCream changed the conversation name to: THE AWESOME WORLD OF AWESOMENESS!.

Medea Rose:
Heh heh.

TheGreat Nicky: Gtg do epic ninja stuffs. Muahahahaha

TheGreat Nicky left the conversation.

Alpha One changed the conversation name to: Conversation of Dignity.

Milo LikesIceCream:
Ain’t no dignity here.

Elekna TheGorgeous: I MISS CHANCEY-BOY

Elekna The Gorgeous added Chance OfFate to the conversation.

Chance OfFate left the conversation.

Elekna The Gorgeous added Chance OfFate to the conversation.

Chance OfFate left the conversation.

Medea Rose:
Princess Elekna

Elekna The Gorgeous added Chance OfFate to the conversation.

Chance OfFate left the conversation.

Elekna The Gorgeous added Chance OfFate to the conversation.

Chance OfFate: This message has been marked as inappropriate.

Chance OfFate left the conversation.

Elekna TheGorgeous:
Isn’t he just the most loveable thing ever ~<3 *Readies the guillotine*

Medea Rose: o-o

Milo LikesIceCream: I think I’m going to go somewhere else.
add me back later

Milo LikesIceCream left the conversation.

Medea Rose:
Me too.


Lyesti Dwineplith left the conversation.

Alpha One:
I’m still here.
I don’t know why.

Phi Awesomegirl: I think you need help.

Alpha One: Yes, I quite agree.

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!